November 28, 2008

Dear terrorist brother.....

You may have a different religion,
You may have a different name,
But dear terrorist brother, just pierce me and see,
Our blood is just the same,
For what are you taking revenge on me?,
When and how did I become your enemy?,
Who's put that blindfold on you, dear brother,
That right and wrong, you can't see?

Dear terrorist brother, don't you feel,
That it is but a little odd,
That you are out to destroy, what's been,
Created by your own God?,
We were born and we shall mingle,
Into the same dust,
Then why is it dear brother,
That for my blood you lust?

We eat the same food,
We breathe the same air,
We drink the same water,
And the same sunlight we share,
But still you claim that we are different,
And hate me for it too,
Just think hard and tell me now,
What bad have I done to you?

I don't know who's Ram and Allah,
But the same God created me and you,
How I wish He had taught us,
To love and respect each other too,
Dear terrorist brother now stop right there,
This excruciating pain I can no more bear,
Just try to change yourself now,
For its never too late to learn to love and care!!!


  1. well written

    terrorists dont have any religion...if they had any religion...they wud have followed gods path and may be wud not sucumb to such wild animal behaviours of killing fellow human beings.....if they they had a god ...then nothing of that sort wud have happened....they dont have the right to destroy ppl similar to him....and we r made by god...only its he who can decide to remove us from this farm of his called earth and not any one in random........ called terrorist...

    hope ur terrorist brother reads this and prevents future attacks!!

  2. Hye.. tat was wonderfully written.... really..!!

    If the terrorists would have known the concept of love they wouldn't have become terrorists, I guess...

    Anyways, lets just hope they change...


  3. yeah really adorable.. My brother have a speech competition coming up.. I plan to show him this poem..

    and also, can he recite some of its part mona?

    apart for that, obviously it is such an amazing poem. yes, we can not hate them as being we can only hate their behaviour, pray ang work to safe/change!

    may Allah bless you!

  4. @ asbah... sure he can... pleasure wil b all mine...

    @ all.. thanks for the appreciation.. means a lot...!!

  5. really lovely n well written... especially in the wake of what has happened..


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