November 27, 2008

Brave sons of Mumbai...

To kill the wretch,
they took an oath.
Of bullets and guns,
they were fed.
They settled the tiff,
which was so stiff.
Fight was tight,
the scene was not so bright.
to topple the enemy was their only might.
The knave's ruthles acts annoyed 'em ,
to kill and clear them was their prime aim.
Heroes skills were prominent,
but the rogue's were dominant.
To freed people,devoid of harm,
Erase and Evade danger was their plan.
Hopping out from the Arsenal,
with armours and guns,
they shoot out the brutal force,
for the dangers they posed.
Brave are they,strong their heart,
to reach and protect every soul was their goal.
They fiercely accept the bullets on their chest,
without bothering to return back to their nest.
Lets salute our heroes,
who tackled the zeroes
May their soul rest in peace.

On 26th November,Mumbai lost its brave sons in the event of fighting against terrorism.Around 11 top cops were killed, which included Hemant Karkare,Vijay Salaskar ,Ashok Kamte and many other officers.It was one of the most high profile attack ever carried out on the city.The city lost its true son in the event of tackling terrorism.Lets pray for these officers who have lost their lives, just for the betterment of the city and its people.May their souls rest in peace.


  1. very well put ste...i told u na..u r a better poet..
    but comin to d topic...its really sad...toooo bad...its like unbelievable...
    hope it all ends soon...
    god knows when these guys will realise n stop....its like all cities one by one...dis being d worst hit....whr r we heading...!!

  2. R.I.P. Warriors..

    And if there is anything like a 'reincarnation' please come back to India.. we need lots of you!!

  3. althought literary speaking the poem isnt very good, but i acknowledge your emotional zeal to have consider such a trivial thing as grammar and correction.

    I am sad, I told you ste, in the last post... how it stuck me hard and left me wondering. I have been through the same thing when Islamabad was targetted, I somehow saw the whole scene one hour after this happened, The Marriot Hotel attack, had to drop a friend home, whose place was coupla meters away from the Big site..

    I couldnt sleep .. i know, i am hurt again :(

  4. oh yes

    i dont care abt grammar and poem

    i just wrote wht i felt like

    i knw its nt good ....but i love my people and my country folks .....i just love them ......hence i wrote it

  5. touching.
    and yeah they were the real heroes our country could ever give birth to..
    Salutes to them!!


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