November 19, 2008

As a new member

Hi everybody! I am an addition to the already existing talent pool out here. I am Akansha Agrawal and I was invited to join the blog by Stephen. Although I was very hesitant initially about joining coz I am not too much of a fiction writer, and I think anybody who's been hanging around my blog would probably testify to that. I used to write stories once, both in Hindi and in English, but then I just stopped. (That was before I started blogging) Excuses are plenty, lack of time is the favourite. But then I decided to join, thinking maybe this place is going to rekindle some enthusiasm I once possessed for writing fiction. I've never lost it for reading though, and since there's no dearth of people writing it here, I'm all ears, oops, eyes maybe.


  1. hey akansha
    welcome to our lounge

    looking forward for ur posts

  2. @the slitary writer
    Thanx, will do my best... :)

  3. Oh wow!! U guys are a bunch of fiction writers and all?
    Good luck..
    will look forward to your work!!
    Share some ideas about that too, cuz I am an aspiring writer myself..!
    check out my blog and my best posts listed on the right, would LOVE your opinion!

    take care!!


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