November 19, 2008

Ana Sidranskova - the blessed child I

(All characters are truly imaginary and this is an exclusive fiction work)

'Dad,I'm off to school,' Ana's gracious eyes made me feel proud as she headed for her school.She was the most gorgous and the most beautiful amongst my three daughters.Ana was the youngest one.'Bye,dear,' I kissed her .She was just 14 and she behaved like one of her sisters.She was just a grown up kid and she was matured enough to a assist me in my work.After school ,she directly used to come to our Restaurent.Six years ago our life was a complete mess when we were starving for food.We didn't had enough money to fulfill our basic needs.The Litzburg Mayor betrayed the citizens.We migrated to Sicily soon after we were kicked out of Litzburg.The main reason for this was Italys failure in World War II.Sicily was a different place as compared to Litzburg.Unlike Litzburg ,it was a developed city whereas Litzburg was pre dominently based on agriculture and cultivation of season crops.World War II was the only nightmare in every Italian's life as they had to suffer the most.People were shot dead,innocents were forced to live their place,daughters were brutally ravished in front of parents and brothers and childrens were forced to work.General Mussolini may have realized his needs and may had framed his policies against other nations,but the basic citizens were the sufferers.

I ,along with Robert Jenkins ,my close friend used to work under General Mussolini.Robert was 2 years older to me and had a very versatile personality unlike other soldiers who just fought for their nations during Wars.We both served for the Italian Army from 1927 to 1944.Robert was an amateur photographer and a painter.At times he used to write poems.I still remember that night when the French troops entered our Camp and thrashed Jenkins.We were forced to remain numb as we were under the threat of being killed by the French.'Take care of Sarah,'he said when he was couting his final minutes.World War II was a big source of destruction.General Mussolini's partnership with Adolf Hitler was one of the main reason for the same.We disliked Hitler,the Nazi leader who was said to have killed nearly around 5 lakh innocent Jews.He wanted to posses the world and no earthly power would ever allow that to happen.He started attacking less powerful countries and captured certain regions .He wanted to earn name and fame .For this he included General Mussolini and Japanese troops with him.We regret that General Mussolini had done that and he lost our faith in him "TRRR TRRR," some one was at the door."Hello,Mr.Agere,'Mrs.Jenkins embraced me.Mrs.Jenkins was Roberts wife.Sarah Jenkin was a very useful resource for me.I used to leave my daughters at her place during national duty.Ana was her pet and was like her best friend as Sarah had taught her at primary level.My elder daughter Natalie offered her a cup of coffee.The middle girl Tatiana came to greet her Sarah Aunty.

Mrs.Sarah Jenkins was missing some one badly and I took no time to realize that she was missing Ana."Ana รจ andato a scuola",(Ana has gone to school) I said to Mrs.Jenkin."Agere,you have 3 gold,' Sarah indicated my three daughters and make me feel comfortable.She said that I was lucky enough to have been gifted with three beautiful girls.She soon reminded me of the great Carlos festival that was held every year in Sicily in memort of Alfred Carlos,the legendry actor.She urged me to send Ana with her.Ana was like her very own daughter.She remained firm for a while and later on read a magazine."Bye Aunty!!,' said Tatiana and Natalie in Unison."Bye!!,"she said.She asked me about their sudden departure.Tatiana and Natalie were going to the restaurent as I had an important work in post office .Natalie was born on 1929,December26th."Its a baby girl!! Sir,'the doctors rejoiced when she was born.
"Oh Shitt!!!," was my first reaction.

(to be continued..)


  1. hey..nice one ste...a fiction from d world war time..interesting...
    gud description...n nice sketch..

    btw..."She was the most gorgeous and the most beautiful amongst my three daughters."...d first thot dat came in my mind on readin dis ws...that parents dont distinguish b/w their kids this way..evry child is equally b'ful for them..

  2. hey priyanka ....u will come to knw more about this yaar
    coz she is some one special in this story .....u have to wait and u will see it yaar ...:)

    there is a reason behind something
    ty for that


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