November 19, 2008

Hello Everyone!

Hello all :)

This is just going to be an introductory post, so it's short.
Hi, I'm Mehreen. Became a member of Writer's Lounge recently. Stephen asked me to be active here, but I guess I'm not finding the proper time for a good post.

A little more about me... I'm 22, a relatively new blogger. I'm an IT graduate, but I'm into other stuff like fine arts and of course literature. For more about me, you can see my personal blog here.

In the end, guys I'm not as good as the rest of the writers here, but I'm looking forward to your kind response and support :) 

See you all soon!
Have fun and Happy Blogging!!~


  1. hii mehreen....welcome!! :)
    lookin forwrd to ur posts..

  2. welcome mehreen

    we r looking forward for ur posts


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