October 25, 2008

The Untold Fairy Tale.

Once upon a time a princess of a far away land was thrown to the earth - to mere mortals, because of something not to be disclosed here. Her cage made of gold and pure ivory. An eternity of torment and she would transform into a half mortal then with crooked nose, bleak eyes and clay-colored pigmented skin.

There was a prince of arcane lands, a daring prince with drown-able brown eyes, who

would dream to free the princess to make his fairy tale complete, to marry her. Stupid he.

And they both seek for their happily every after. Stupid them!


  1. what is it? I dono... a rant maybe... writing in couple of minutes of extreme boredom.

    But I think Its the high time i start posting here :) so this is the meek try :)

  2. and its one beautiful rant..
    As always, you rule!!

  3. ya..high time u start postin... ;) want to read more of urs...
    but why 'stupid them'??

  4. that was lovely..

    is there any story continuing to tell what happened later on??

  5. nice bt i guess it cld ave been continued further.

  6. hehe thankyou Guys.

    Ani, Its upto the reader to guess what happened next. Someone might want to take it ahead, try?

    Pri, stupid them beacuse they were trying to find the happily ever after na? and this is a real world. It is way different from fairy tales. So they were so un-realistic, Il-logical, ir-rational people that they dreamt and went ahead to yearn something impossible, happily ever after? Stupid them.


    Shrutiwrites, you think it can be taken ahead? Please! Give it a try ? :)

    and thankyou again!

  7. hmmm..ya..reality is so different from dreams.....
    i also wonder if 'happily ever after' exists in real life or not......
    but no matter what...i still believe those fairy tales do exist........n ppl do get their love..n they live happily ever aftr...though not many are that lucky!!

  8. hermioneeeeeeeeeeee.....another of those magical rants...he he...i am itching to take this ahead yaar...but the publish posts does not open here in office...shit shit shit...i can visualise stephen as that prince...and my polluted mind has already started thinking of the way forward for prince stephen...oh god...how badly i want to continue on this...hey islex...remember the way we took forward that "Kiss"?? he he...was so much fun...and yaa..u need to be here more often...have made a cartoon for you to weave words around it...will mail it to you...cheerio!! alohmoraaaaaa!! alohmoraaaaaaa!! let the locks of the door that are stopping islex from postin here frequently open...amen!

  9. u visualize stephen as that prince.....oyi wht is all this man.....and i guess me so late to comment on this thing
    good as usual

  10. LOL... I can die laughing reading you.

    Pri, I dont know.. I dont know! maybe! i have resolved to stop believing in fairy tales :)

    back to sandeep! hehe, please take this ahead? okay ste is prince already I mean, interesting!!

    and remembering that 'Kiss' thingie, awesome, i'm sure lover thought that it was end of it, i took it ahead and i had thought that mine is an END. but you just went ahead with it... and lol.. i couldnt believe when ste did too.. Awesomest! you guys are brainy, no wonder!

    and you had made a cartoon for me to weave words... about the same story?? okay send right away. I am awfully loe at words these days but promise to try :)

  11. dont die...dont die...it will be an enormous loss to mankind and us...he he...stay put...stay put...dont laugh...else u will die...he he...prince stephen kissing the winds on his donkey...ta na na na..na na...aaaaaaaaaaaaaa....*trumpets*
    *royal music*

  12. donkeyyyyyy? someone said Donkey??? say Royal Steed :P or Noble Steed? eh?

  13. i wrote something for you in the comments section of member of month ... check taht?

  14. huh sandeep

    u make fun of me haan

    btw the prince wants to know who his princess his....and i believe that prince's have horse and from where did this donkey come from

  15. lol...great twin.....hehe..

    "prince stephen n his donkey" - good title for stephen's love story!! what say twin?? n wht say prince ste?? he he........
    princes have horses..right! but not prince ste...he has a donkey...!!
    a donkey...which when kissed turns into a princess!! he he..

    so ste...u ver searchin 4 ur princess na...here she...oops..sorry...he..no no..she/he...whatever is...in ur donkey!! open ur heart's eyes n recognise ur love..lol..i m sure prince ste wud love dis!!

  16. oh god, this is wild!! A donkey princess :O ??

    wesay a good one... kiss.. and she's a princess and once you want a ride, kiss... and a donkey again :D

  17. right!! two in one!! :D
    low cost of maintenance for our poor prince stephen who cnt afford a horse!! he he..

  18. lol.. or to put it other way, cant afford a princess :P ?

  19. omg kiss and donkey turns into princess ....or shii thats bad

  20. hail prince stephen n his donkey stephany...hail prince stephen and his donkey stephany...hail prince stephen n his donkey stephany...

  21. hey well u call my donkey stephany hahaha

    stupid atleast spelling toh correct likh be


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