October 27, 2008

The flag on the hill....

The storm is raging,
Dark is the sky,
The flag flutters alone on the hill,
Struggling to stay up high,
Life seems to me like this flag,
It takes you to a certain height,
And to stay high up there,
You have to put up a big fight,
All your life you strive,
To go up there,
And then the burden of victory,
Seems difficult to bear,
With success comes responsibility,
Both go hand in hand,
And you've to learn to stand tall,
Wherever you may land,
You have to face all struggle,
And bear all pain and ill,
If you wish to survive,
Like the flag on the hill!!!!


  1. another one of ur gems mona...the way you blend reality and imagination is what makes you stand apart from regular poets...each line has that punch to it and you want the symphony to continue...kudos for another masterpiece...i am casting my vote for you..cheers...

  2. wowww...as always great!!
    u know i m ur big fan mona!!
    i wish i cud write like u!! :)

  3. @ priyanka and sandeep... thank u guys... your appreciation means a lot to me... its just too sweet of you to take out time and comment on my poems... its your goodwill that eggs me on to write more and more... thanks again for all the encouragement and support... cheers!!!

  4. yes, as always great.

    This one is rather simpler. but deep!
    sometimes i wonder if i am able to say what i want to? i dont know.. but i read you and feel that you are able to say, and very well infact, what you intent to.

    Amazingly put :)

  5. too simple nd serene

    good put yaar.....really a meaningfull one...as sandeep said each like has its own meaning....superb yaar

    romba nalla erukku

  6. @ asbah n stephen... thank u so much... glad you liked it!!!

  7. very realistic! excellent!! loved it.


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