October 18, 2008

In Your Paradise

I am in your paradise,
a feeling that's within.
Naked to your doting eyes,
caress me with sin.

I am in your paradise,
let our bodies meet.
As the trickle of algid rain,
showers us with heat.

I am in your paradise,
a whisper of desire.
I long to feel your prurient kiss,
my soul is now on fire.

I am in your paradise,
a brief moment of shame.
Tomorrow will bring sorrow,
let passion burn the flame.

I am in your paradise,
so hungry under my skin,
I know I am your fantasy,
let the magic begin.

I am in your paradise,
a feeling that's within...


  1. nicee..

    and isnt it all the feelings from with in..

  2. hi dear friend,
    how r u?
    ur blog is very nice...
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    thank you dear

    Happy Diwali in Advance...
    enjoy the festival with happiness..

    take care..

  3. hello again, wanted you to know my new blog is now on and I would like to feature you on...nothing like you've ever seen on blogger, I hope...or what do you think?

  4. ain??? :O :O !!

    *closes eyes with my hands*

  5. well sketched out post...great use of words...

    and i simply burst out laughing reading asbah's comment...open ur eyes dear...open...or peep atleast from between ur fingers...he he!

  6. *peeps between fingers* :p

  7. what do you see islex? plz describe it out for this blind friend...bhagwaan bhala karega...


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