October 15, 2008

A Love Story Written By God Part 3

The next day she came online and was all happy and cheerful. She told me she had a dream about me and in it she saw that she was here in Canada and we were talking to each other. She told me that she told her best friend some ‘things’ about me. It was 3 A.M here and she wanted me to go to sleep. But I just could not because I wanted to go on talking to her forever. We talked about studies and hobbies and I found yet another set of similarities. I told her how I was confused about coming to Canada and then how everyone at Church prayed and God told me to go. She said she loved Canada and planned to shift there someday. I already had plans so that made me happy.

S: i loooove tht plce...thts actually one plce id lve to shift to if i eva got a chnce
Me: yeah maine to poora plan kar lia hai yaha settle hone ka...
S: wooooow i also wanna cme!!!
Me: u had the dream na..jaldi ho jaega sach..hehe...i love talking to u
S: so do i....tlkin to myself... HAHAHAHHA
Me: hehe very funny
S: no bu seriously i love tlkn to u!!! i actually hope ur online wen im cmin on
Me: n i am always online so whenever u come i'm thr...in fact i have a frnd jisse main usually chat karta hun..she's pissed ever since we started talkin..coz i completely ignore her..lol
S: awww so sad dnt do tht :) tho its flatterin
Me: somethings i can't help doing
S: u ate a lot of chocolates tday kya?
Me: i ate apple pie actually
S: no wonder ur this sweet tday u knw when i am chatting wid you..i have this huge smile on my face.... my collegue actually thnks im nnuts
Me: so do i! abhi thodi der pehle my japanese roomie came n saw my huge smile.... n thought i was crazy
S: but im sooo happy i met u…
Me: im happier
S: seriously i actually thnk God! ur a really really nice person!!!
Me: so r u!
S: n v have to be afta all who made us??

And then I told her I had recently attended a marriage of someone at Church and how God had told him who his future wife would be.

S: tht is sooooo sweet! wen will we get ths??
Me: I hope someday
S: u knw smethng? im very very fond of marriage!! i cnt wait to be married n be wid my mr right
Me: me too... i have this dream... i wnt tell u coz ull think im so girly girly coz only girls have this kinda dream
S: no no temme…i wnt thnk nethng pakka
Me: ok so when i heard another marriage testimony which ill tell u later... i was really happy...at that time i was still seeing aeshna...so tab to i assumed ki she is the right one…..ok so i have this dream..that God will make me meet the right one for me... n we will be married n i will love her forever n forever... n we will love God together n serve Hiim together.... n we will have kids n they will grow up to love Jesus equally..
S: awwwww.. tht is soo sweet.. tht isnt girly.. thts juss a guy whos sensitive which is rare tday...when do u wanna get married??
Me: umm i guess in 4-5 years... is it too early or too late?
S: its perfect! 4 tho better option
Me: n u?
S: same!!
Me: bt v shud get married on diff dates though...otherwise we wont be able to come to each others' wedding..

(I said this deliberately to see her reaction. She later told me that it made her sad when I had said it.)

S: heheheeh ofcrse!!! i want u to write a nice song for my marriage n sing it
Me: me n sing? would be husband bhaag jaega tumko chodke
S: nahin jaayega kahin bhi who
Me: are sai me...u seriously dont want to hear me sing... murde kabar me hil jaenge meri singing sunke
S: hahahaha ur too cute man who eva gets u is gna b blessd n entertained…
Me: whoever gets u will be lucky
S: naah! ill b luky to get sme1
Me: fir wahi baat! Jesus has already found the one for u...n He has already executed HIs plan for u…so u never knw when u meet ur one..
S: im waiting!! i get very very impatient u knw i wanna knwwww!
Me: pray maybe God will tell u... bt sumtimes we tend to be so impatient that the person we like..we assume that God chose him/her...fir panga ho jata hai...
S: yea thts wat hpnd to me
Me: me too.. bt now i knw
S: i wanna fall in looove!!!!
Me: Me too…lets pray for each other...ask god to tell u ki who is the girl for me….n i will ask God ki who is the guy for u
S: haan wow chal vl do tht...this is soo exciting..
Me: its 4 am here...i dnt wanna sleep..i wanna keep on talkin to u
S: i really really like tlkin to u…but u gotta sleep no baba!!! ull fall il!!! thn if u do ull have to sleep early.. thn if u sleep early hw will v talk again?
Me: i knw bt...im not sleepy.. bt i'll sleep if u want me to..waise bhi Jesus se prayer karni hai tumhare lie...kya pata He shws me a dream??
S: i dnt wnt u t sleep :$... i like tlkin to u
Me: ok then i wont.. u knw this is all a dream come true for me... maine socha bhi nai tha when i first saw u ki kabhi aise i will be talkin to u
S: c hw hppy i am tht it did!

I then asked her to tell me a secret about her that no one else knew. She told me…if I told you guys it won’t be that special anymore :D She then told me that her idea of a perfect date was on a beach and I was amazed because that was exactly how I wanted it too. And as I asked her about different things, she gave answers that somehow I expected. It was as if we were mirror images of each other. I have always been a passionate lover. Those of you who have been reading my blog know that. I am the type who wants to be with my lover all the time. And she was like that too. I was quite surprised.

She loved non-vegetarian food and ate all varieties just like me. After that the first thing that didn’t match for us was that she couldn’t cook but I could. I told her I would cook something up for her when we meet. She told me that she always wanted a guy who could cook well. Later on, we decided that I would cook and she would feed me with her own hands. :) Do you see how even though it didn’t match, it still did? It fit perfectly. Then I asked her to read one of the stories on my blog.

S: wooooow seriously woow who eva does get u wil bee very very lucky u have so muuuuch love to give
Me: I do..thats true
S: i wish every guy ws like u
Me: bt i am glad every gurl is not like u
S: smart answer! but i pray tht the guy i do eva get is like u.. atleast a lil
Me: ill pray too ki i find sum1 just liek u
S: ok whats the first thng u wanna do wid ur gurl...
Me: take a road trip to some bful place.. 5:41:46 AM (Note the time)
S: u knw iv always wtd to tke a trip wd hm 5:41:50 AM

( She said the exact same thing! We said the same thing at the same time.)

Me: see! v r soo similar.. exatly..my mirror image.. this is too weird to be all coincidences
S: yea i knw.. its weird thts y…I lke weird :$
Me: i sumtimes dont bt i like this
S: i was tryna figure out wat reason must God have had to make us meet...cn u figur it out?
Me: i knw ki i prayed isliye...bt i guess thats nt the only reason
S: yea!! Definitely ther is a reason oda thntht
Me: wat do u think it is?
S: cud be tht he knw we were goin thru ruf phases.. n we wud b da best for each oda to get us out of it.. i dunno im assuming
Me: yeah i guess so..that cud b the reason
S: but thn y u?? he cudv used my best frnd n sme frnd of urs to get u out of it

(Jesus had planted the seed in her heart. She was finally wondering what this all meant. Now was my chance. But I didn’t want to look too desperate. I wanted to be sure.)

Me: r u thinkin wat i am thinkin??
S: wat r u thnkn?
Me: wat r u thinkin?
S: i askd first
Me: ladies first
S: no!!! i dnt believe in tht.. temme plz
Me: nothing... aise hi
S: u wudnt have asked me if u wernt thnkn of netng

(I took this opportunity and as they say, “Mauka dekhke mara chauka” but it was a six! I took the name of Jesus and told her everything.)

Me: well... i donno...it's weird.. i donno if i shud tell u..
S: temme
Me: nai u wont believe me anyway
S: i will!! i promise!!
Me: kk...i didnt tell u the whole thing dat i prayed for
S: wat else did u pray for?

And then I told her that I had prayed for us to be together and everything had come true except the meeting face-to-face part and the being together part.

S: i was juss thnkin tht u prayed but God wudnt hve given u all tht if he din have a purpose... so the fact tht we met n strtd tlkin n have reached this point has to have sme purpose.. din juss make us meet in vain
Me: ya wo to hai..purpose to hai...bt i might be wrong abt the being 2gether part
S: maybe maybe not… ur very very adorable n i hve nea been dis flattered b4!! its vry sweet wt u did.. :):) ok temme why did u pray for me??
Me: coz i believed u were the one for me..even thought it sounded absurd n stupid...so i told myself...i'll let Jesus decide if it is or not
S: what if i wudv turned out a dissapointmnt to u
Me: bt u didnt.. so dats a sign
S: wat do u like about me the most?
Me: i thought u r celeb..u wud b diff... bt u r sooo humble...n vulnerable liek me... n d way u love God...
S: u knw wat i like the most? da way i cn be myself wid u
Me: perfectly said..
S: perfectly felt!

It was 6:30 AM. I hadn’t slept at all and we had been chatting for 6 hours. She had work and so I slept. She promised to come online again in a few hours. When I woke up 6 hours later, she had left this offline,

i dunno y bt its feelin so weird widout u online man!! :(:( neway u must be sleen u must b sleepin like a bby!!! :) gud mrnin wen u get up!! :):) last nite was weird but very very nice!!! iv got butterflies in my stomach!!

3rd October was turning out to be the most blessed day. And there was still much more to come! She came back but was all quiet.

Me: bolo kuch
S: im speechless
Me: hws dat possible..u to said u talk a lot
S: yea but im still feelin weird1
Me: weird is good
S: very but still!
Me: bt y r u feelin weird?
S: i dunno!!! there are butterflies in y stomach!!! n i have NOOOOO idea y

Then she told me something that happened with her and not surprisingly, it had happened with me almost in the exact same way.

S: haha weirdest.. even our situations match man
Me: wahi to...the same things keep happening
S: ur not my lost brother naa :P
Me: nahiiii!
S: Hehe kiddin… bhai ban bhi gaya toh kya??
Me: ya u wud to want that na?
S: yaa!! Heheheheehhee
Me: shut up
S: arre but y?? y not my bhai??
Me: u kwn y! maine jesus ko ye pray nahi kia tha ki mujhe behen dila do!
S: hahahaha! phir kya kiya?
Me: bataya to tha!
S: i wanna hear it again!!! makes me blush :$

And I told her again and she blushed.

S: ok but temm ewen did u strt likin me??
Me: the first time i heard u sing.. bt maybe tab it was just another celeb fan crush bt at the same time it was diff. i juts knw frm the core of my heart dat i wanted to b wid sum1 like u.. phir amar ne jo bola. to fir i thought...y not pray for the original...rather than a duplicate.. n den i prayed n waited n the rest u knw..

She asked me how long had I waited. I told her I had prayed in early March and we met online in August.

S: did u thnk at tht tym ud b sayn allthese thngs?
Me: not at all... i remember i wud watch ur songs...n think abt u.. n i thought she dsnt even knw i exist. yeah bt of course i had faith ki kuch to hoga
S: jus so u knw!!! i wanted to say soooo cute but i thot thtll make u blush

We discovered a few more similarities after that. We both had all 10 seasons of FRIENDS. She asked me if I preferred talking on the phone or messaging. I said depends on who it is and she said she would have said the same. We both preferred to eat out. We both liked the same genre of movies. We both preferred a little bit of light in the room while sleeping at night. Both of us preferred rice over chapattis. Both of us would rather be married and poor than be single and rich. I’m a good listener. She is a good talker. Fits.

Me: umm...mountains or beaches?
S: beaches next to a byutiful mountain.. i cn soak my feet inthe water.. thn go on the mounatin top n yell out to my huny... say tell him i love him
Me: that's exactly how it is here in Halifax
S: u must be thnkn im nuts
Me: i'm thinkin God is soo good
S: yy?
Me: he just is
S: bcuz he brought u to me:)
Me: umm... movies in bed or theatre
S: theatre wid frnds...bed with special sum1
Me: me 2

And then finally the bummer that finalized it all. I’m sure all of you have pictured this in your mind that how you are going to propose your love for marriage and in case of girls, how you want to be proposed.

S: hmmm!!! ok!!! wat is the one way u wanna propse ur gurl for marriage?
Me: hmm...i wud get down on my knees...not just one..both knees....n i wud take out the ring...n i wud ask her to be my soulmate
Me: wat?
S: Nuin
Me: tell na
S: noo
Me: are tell na
S: i have always wnted ot be propsed like tht
Me: sachchi?
S: Sachi
Me: i donno wat to say..
S: juss a question! what if v r suppose to be togeda
Me: i believe v r... now even more
S: seriusly? hw r u so sure?
Me: coz till now nothing has happened to make me believe otherwise
S: hve i been made fo u?
Me: maybe..God knws..i mean wat else cud all these mean.. coincidence ek baar do baar max 3-4 baar...bt in our case...everytime
S: yeaa.. hw happy will u b if it is meant to b for us?
Me: i cannot even imagine
S: i cnt evn imagine hw itll be if i cme to ur the one for me…it juss feels weird cmin this close to known!
Me: Same here..im gttin goosebumps
S: dusnt it feel like vr waiting for this person who has to give us some news fast...wat if it turns out to be true??
Me: i'd b the happiest person in the world. i'd take the first plane back to india to meet u
S: seriously? ill run half way
Me: run? lol paani me? airport aa jana wahi kaafi hoga lol
S: adi...
Me: yea
S: i really like u!
Me: i like u a lot more!
S: hw much more??
Me: a hundred thousand times more…i promise....if u really r the one for me.....i'd love u soo much that u wd never ever be sad again...
S: n id love u soo much tht ud neva wanna leave my presence!!! vl always be togeda!!
Me: i cant wait
S: nor cn i!! i feel like huggin u i dunno y…put up a pic of urself on ur display naa plz.. atleast i cn c u
Me: this is the best ive got
S: aww!! :) muahh tho uv got amazing eyes!!!! u shud shw em off more often...can i tell u a lil secret dnt freak out...iv been plannin to shift to canada for the past two months n i guess i am
Me: wat? whoa!!! ill go crazy now
S: befre i met u only it strtd
Me: whr will u shift if u do?
S: Toronto
Me: Not too far frm me :)
S: say sumthn11
Me: im missin u
S: im missin u too..many butterflies in my stomach nw
Me: mere to mooh se bhi nikal rahe hai. bt srsly...i dnt have words to explain how i am feelin ryt now
S: ur a writer.... u shud b able to..
Me: wahi to ajeeb hai na... ive never felt this before
S: wat r u thnkn at this moment
Me: abt waat will God say..
S: u thnk if God tells u im the one ull b able to fall in love wid me?
Me: I know I wudnt have to try.. will u?
S: i already thnk i am on the verge of fallin for u!!! God's answer will juss push me over...i cnt wait fo him to tell me.. im really paryn he tells us tday!! my night ur day
Me: hopefully..kuch bhi ho sakta hai
S: wat is the one thng u wanna sy to me but hvnt?
Me: ill say dat when i am sure
S: got it.. i cnt believe im actually askin u all these questions!
Me: lol..neither can i! bt who can deny wat God wants…
S: no1….i have to say.... whoeva gets u will be very lucky.. n if its mee.... ill be the luckiest
Me: i hope u do..coz then ill b the luckiest..
S: i cnt believe im tlkin to my ... God Willing.. future
Me: yea its so cool.. when i used to hear those marriage testimonies... i never thought ki maybe mine wud be one too...maybe
S: :) yea but maybe it will be a testimony to ppl who will be in the position we were in wen we strtd tlkin…if God ever gives me u i cnt imagine hw much i will get frm u
Me: ill give u my everything n even more
S: wats the frst thng we'll do if we get the sign
Me: I have no idea..wat will u do?
S: afta thnkin HIm... ill run to u n hold u n wnt let u go till i believe my search is over!!
Me: ya ill thank Him too n take the first flight to mumbai so that u can do that…
S: awww.. so so so sweet
Me: bolo
S: wat dyu want me to say?
Me: wats on ur mind?
S: U
Me: Ur the perfect one or me
S: Hw do u knw?
Me: I just knw n I knw God will tell us d same…
S: Im really hoping.
Me: Can I call u sometime??
S: Of course!!!

She gave me her number and I gave her a miss call so that she could save mine. I was thinking of calling her later because I wasn’t prepared to talk to her just yet. But to my surprise, she called back that very instant. We talked on the phone and I was loving every moment of it. She sang a song for me. *sigh* Her voice was soo sexy on the phone. And after talking on the phone for almost two hours, we couldn't control it any longer. I told her I loved her and she said she loved me too. I was on top of the world and the One who is actually on top of the world must have been very happy too. Although we believed at that moment that all of this was God's will we had to be sure. We needed a solid confirmation that this was from God and not a bunch of freak co-incidences. We decided we would pray and wait upon God to give both of us confirmations. I got one of mine the very next day. We were again talking on the phone. Now, many months ago, while I was in India, I had gone to Sungeeta di's place for a youth retreat. I won't go into details but at that retreat, someone had told me how she had got married. God had specifically told her and her family the name of the person who would be her future husband. And later, they did end up getting married and have been happy for many years now. Also God had told them after marriage that one of thier child was to be an adopted one and had even led them to the orphanage and to the specific child they were supposed to adopt. This story inspired me so much that I told Jesus that night that I wanted Him to choose someone for me too and also that I would adopt an orphan too. Only Jesus and I knew about this. Coming back to the phone conversation, we were talking mushy stuff which I won't share here obviously and the topic of children came up.(Don't laugh.) And, she said that she wanted one of her children to be adopted. I was stumped. Now some of you would say that it was not a big deal because many people want to adopt nowadays. I agree, but taking into consideration all the other things that had matched, this just could not be yet another co-incidence that the one person I believed to be the one would say the same thing that I had promised to God. I mean, the two things that I had promised God were happening. What else could it be? I knew then and there that this was God telling me that I told her our little secret because she will be a part of it from now onwards. This was on 4th October. It's been ten days now but it feels like that very moment when I had first told her I love her. I have never ever in my life felt this weird before. I never knew that I had so much of this wonderful emotion lying dormant inside me. The Bible says that "God is Love". It is today that I can say that God is in me because I love. I am glad and grateful to God that He answered my prayer and found me this amazing and wonderful person to love and cherish. I strive to be a better person for God and for her. I tried my best to explain here what I am feeling right now. I praise and thank God for everything that I went through all my life. I know now that God always has a plan and that God used everything negative that I ever went through to make me a stronger and better person and was preparing me for this day and for her. I love you Jesus and I love you S. Although we are sure that we are meant to be, she is yet to recieve a solid confirmation from God but we know she will soon and I wouldn't mind a few more either. Please pray for the both of us. I will keep you updated. God bless!


  1. awwwwww

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    i can just keep going awwww now.. :)
    take care.. all the best

  2. ohhh...sooo sweet..!! was tooo long but then i cud not stop myself frm readin it all..feels gud to see someone so much in love! n it feels great to see that love coming true!!
    wish both of u be together forever.. :)


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