October 14, 2008

Day 0...The Goofers!!

Day 0!! The digit “0” is India’s gift to the world but little did Aryabhata know that this digit when prefixed with the word “Day” would spell hell for all management graduates. Management graduates…..bright young souls brimming with confidence and overflowing with jargons solid enough to bail them out of any tough situation that ever crosses their path. We are a thriving race…..fuelling the economic upswing of a nation set to become a superpower in a decade. Extinct is a word which will never be spoken in the same breath as management graduates because the rate at which this race is growing will definitely put India’s growth rate to shame!! All the species of this race out there would agree to the fact that never has and never will a day be more dreaded than the Day 0. It is the fight for the top companies and top profiles on offer. Draggers are drawn out and friends find themselves pitched against each other for that elusive spot in each of the big names that open shop in the campuses. There are two kinds of people who drown 99 times out of 100 in such circumstances. One with the lowest CGPA’s (Cumulative Grade Point Average) and the other lesser blessed ones without the gift of the gab. The earlier ones are the unfortunate ones whom the company weeds out from this garden whose cultivation after 2 years of nurturing and watering is finally put on sale, without giving them an opportunity to explain why they consciously decided not to let the water seep into their system transforming them into beautiful flowers for the last 2 years of their student life instead of being obliging plants who gobble up everything and bear flowers full of fragrance ready to be plucked by the who’s who of the corporate world for an unbelievable price!! Then there are some benevolent companies who pluck some weeds along with the flowers and end up discarding the flowers for weeds. These kinds we would be dealing with in the later posts. The next one is solely dedicated to the third kind of people who drown not because they don’t know to swim. They drown because they jump without hearing the whistle, complete their laps and raise their hands for the audience to acknowledge their victory and clap in unison. Realization dawns late on these unfortunate souls and when it does, the stories of these legends become campus folklore.

This Mallu from Gods own country, Devils own backyard would be opening up his diary from his yeM Bee yAe days and beyond sharing snapshots of this derailed out of focus journey of mine which is nowhere near to the definition of “Life” in Wikipedia(the new internet generation prefers using this than the traditional medium!!) Read the next post to meet the “Goofers”…….those who left the GD panelists gaping and their fellow batch mates in splits with their over enthusiasm and desperation!!


  1. ur first post....revisited!
    n it reminds me of d day ven ur blog ws born! n i read this one at roc...it ws our roc-party dat day! n mera mood bahut kharab tha dat time ven u gave me d link...n i said k i'l comment later..mood nhi hai abhi!! sab yaad aa rha hai mujhe..hehe...
    n i told u dat time also dat low cgpa wale weed nahi hote!!! haha..

    excellent post twin!! :)

  2. i remember u had told me this thing when i called u few days back,......achha hai naa

    one day reserved for placements ...maja naaa


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