October 17, 2008

Member of month - September & poll results

Well,now its the time to officially announce the member of the month for September.I am really happy to announce Mr.Sandeep Balan as the member of the month for September.
I would also remind the members of this reputed group blog that Sandeep Balan had grabbed the Member of the month badge for the month August as well.Here are the statictical details ...
  1. sandeep 24 (48%)
  2. rajesh 16 (32%)
  3. ani 12 (24%)
  4. tsharr 9 (18%)
  5. shruti 7 (14%)
Sandeep Balan ,now has the hat trick opportunity :p .
I would also like to announce the members who have left out Lounge due to some assignments.
  1. Tsharr
  2. Gauri Mathur.
  3. Aquagurl
  4. Sheetal Madaan
These are the members who have joined our lounge recently.
  1. Priyanka
  2. Naren
Now, I am going to announce the winners of the polls conducted in the blog.

Category 1-Most popular blogger

  1. Sandeep 30 (46%)
  2. Rajesh 19 (29%)
  3. Shruti 14 (21%)

Category2-Frequent posts award

  1. Rajesh 18 (40%)
  2. Shruti 10 (22%)

Category3-Active Member award
  1. Sandeep 24 (40%)
  2. Rajesh 20 (33%)
  3. Shruti 14 (23%)

Category4-Writer of The Writer's Lounge

  1. Sandeep 34 (60%)
  2. Shruti 31 (55%)
  3. Stephen 16 (28%)

Category5-Poet of the Writers Lounge.

  1. Mona. 38 (86%)

Category6-Most Loyal Member award

  1. Sandeep 29 (50%)
  2. Rajesh 18 (31%)
  3. Shruti 16 (28%)

Category7-Commenter award

  1. Sandeep 28 (47%)
  2. Rajesh 22 (37%)
  3. Ani 18 (30%)


The polls for the member of the month - October will start from today .
The nominees are Rajesh,Shruti,Priyanka,Stephen,Asbah,Mona,Anurag,Sandeep,Ani,The Lover.

Please check the orkut community for more details.More contests coming your way.
We would like to hear it from you


  1. Thank You all who voted for me...
    n thanks Ste..for nominating me..

    Hey..is it more lyk a *thank u* speech???

    Nd Congrats everyone..
    Sandeep..please give us also a chance to be the member of the month

  2. congrats twin!! yippiee..... hat trick now!!!

  3. thank u for voting for me..
    and congrats to all.. :)

  4. hey hey hey....thanx a ton...a big thanx for all who liked my scribblings n voted for me...n a bigger one to ste for nominating me once more.....hattrick...hmmm....he he....

    diya chance tumhe shruti...he he....

  5. i was wondering what should be the qualities on which one can get the MOM (shh no,. not minutes of meeting sandeep, member of month, instead) award?

    1) frequent reader
    2) freaquent poster
    3) active participator in all activities
    4) reading others and genuinely commenting rather than a mere Nice post, or good take ... i mean they are still comments, no hard feelings anyone.. but we want to improve here na.. and detailed comments are needed !

    and guess who have all of the above qualities? Sandeep Balan !!

    so everytime i want to vote for it, you have mines :)
    and that will for forever ... till someone of more caliber comes ahead, which will take eternity i hope :P or Sandeep to get married hahaha!

  6. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......islexxxxxxxxxx...i am gonna jinx you...he he!! grrrrrrrrrrrr....


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