October 29, 2008

If Tomorrow Comes

I will be there for you, if tomorrow comes,
I will be there with all the welcomes.
Every morning, I will give you a kiss,
So than, no good in the day would miss.
You can call me whenever you like,
Even, when the call prices are on a hike.

I will wash your clothes, which become muddy,
And for you, with my own hands, make a sweet little teddy.
I will wait for you when you are out of town,
And when you are late, I will not show the slightest frown.
I will be there for you, if tomorrow comes,
I will be there with all the violins and drums.

I will see to it that you have a smooth day,
As if you were walking bare-footed on a bay.
In your house, I will be like a fish in the pond,
With you, never ever sharing an emotional bond.
As you know, I am the robot X O O 3,
And this is the year three thousand and three.


  1. first...welcome to writer's lounge zaheer....so nice to have a great writer like u here.. :)

    initially i felt...oh...a sweeet love poem....den..den...oh man..robot!! lol....dat ws interesting n funny!
    very nice yaar! liked it!! :)

  2. hey amazing! waiting for more updates from Zaheer......

  3. wow... that was witty... !!! great poem.. great style...simply fell in love with the concept... keep it up!!!

  4. zaheer...to be very frank..you disappointed me with this one...the idea was brilliant...of the robot twist..but the execution was not up to the mark yaar...i somewhere felt the heart missing from this piece..."You can call me whenever you like, Even when the call prices are on a hike"...wat does a robot have to do with call prices yaar? It seemed more forced than from the heart, which a poem should be. I was left with a feeling that you were concentrating more on the rhyming bit which has diluted the essence...i would leave it to other great poets this lounge has like mona, asbah, adi, stephen etc. to comment on this coz i myself am not eligible enough to comment on poems...but still...i felt the heart n soul of this post was missing yaar...it looked a lot immaturish...maybe it has to do with the fact that you wrote it long back...i know zaheer is capable of much better stuff...hope you take it positively...cheers...keep posting...

  5. to zaheer,
    with due respect to sandeep's opinion... i felt that the poem was a refreshing change... i simply loved the way its been put.. casual and simple, yet witty and funny... yes, poems do most of the times carry very deep messages and emotions but i loved this light side of poetry... !!! anyway.. each opinion counts.. keep up the good work... keep writing.. cheers!!!

  6. you have mona's thumbs up...she should know better...but the zaheer i have heard of is capable of much better stuff...just want you to show us that side of ur's...and am sure u will..

  7. i second mr malan

    i have heard abt u and i myself witnessed that from ur zaheerflavoured blog.....i found it dissappointing too....but u call it a robot at last ,...but u never expect a robot to posses human qualities athough it is said to do rational things....every morning i gve u a kiss n all .i fely little unacceptable ...atleast from a robot.. apart frm that i liked ur concept very much and its a bit amateurish style .........i guess u cud have put it in a better way....

    secondly welcome to our lounge...its great to have a veteran blogger like u .....ty for coming here....thnks to all those who invited this gr8 blogger to our lounge....

    any way its nt a bad debut to our lounge....tc

    cheers ,
    ste :)

  8. i learn that zaheer wrote this bit way back in class 12...so that explains the amateurish part i think...post your recent rants zaheer bro...lets see how this talented writer has blossomed over the years...cheers!

  9. yes brother post ur recent ones....we wud like to read it

  10. awwww

    that was just lovely.. and btw welcome to this blog..

    so hope to see more from you soon.. where i can go awwww..

  11. "You can call me whenever you like,
    Even, when the call prices are on a hike." ...hehe

    Nice Maan ...Love the Rhyming


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