October 29, 2008

Into Your Eyes

I looked into your torn eyes,
and saw my eternal bliss.
there is no moment in time,
that doesn't stretch an eternity within my eyes.
Love is a sanctum,
I entomb myself in,
Nothing can reach me,
when I feel I'm above you all.
I look into your unforgiving eyes,
and see my empty atrocities,
time is the healer of all,
but this wound has no healing at all.
Shut away I am alone,
no one can reach me.
I look into your empty eyes,
I see nothing.
What I had for you will last forever,
but you will surely forget.
So I'm without anything but myself,
and not even I can reach me.
I hope to see you again,
I would sell my soul to see you again,
looking through my teary vision,
and seeing your eyes again.
You can take my heart,
It was always yours.


  1. ohh sooo beautiful..!!
    so touching, deep and real...
    really loved it!! :)

  2. really good one bro...i have always appreciated your work..the sheer intensity and your words...you leave the readers asking for more...keep posting

    *plz do comment on other posts here on writers lounge as well bro...need to see more of you in the comments section...all here who are on board need to learn a lot from someone as talented as you adi...so plz comment whenever possible on others post as well...cheers!

  3. nice one... copying ds pic to write smthing on it.. :)


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