October 30, 2008

Important ...

hey guys ,I started this writers lounge few months ago with Asbah supporting me for this task.It was she who suggested me the title for this group blog.The next day Sandeep joined and we three started working for this blog.
Our main aim behind starting this blog was to bring together writers , poets and other talented people .We have accomplished that task quite easily.Few days ago, we had started a contest with some restriction.Sandeep bhai was disappointed as we had around 23 members then and we had just 2 participation.Now we have around 40+ members and all talented members.I believe that this place is a talent hub for sure.We should some how try to make this place more better and more interactive.I am not surprised that many people have searched for such kind of blog .
I appeal to all members to actively participate in blog discussions , comment and respecting others post etc.I have noticed that many times members consider this place as a " post and go" blog where they post from their old archives and never come back again.This kind of this should actually be avoided.

We are happy that we have got many new budding writers and poets with us.Thanks a lot Mona,Shruti,Lover,Ani and all others who are a part of this group blog.
I take this precious moment to include Priyanka as one of the moderator of this group blog.

Stephen and other founders


  1. stephen...yeh tune sarah ke saath kya kiya...tune hamaari naak kataa dee....kaisa boss hain re tu...Stephen D'Silva murdabaad...Stephen D'silva murdabaad...

    coming back to the post...well put...lets mobilise our strengths and collectively aim for something great...together we can n we will make the difference...

    hail prince stephen n his princess stephany..hail prince stephen n his princess stephany... ;P

  2. stephanyyy kaun hai abhi???

    hnnmm am missing something...

    hehe and thank u guys.. :)

  3. to know the origin of stephany read the comments section of "An untold fairy tale" by asbah / .a.

  4. arey stephen....mujhe moderator bana dia!! thank u thank u !! :D
    i hope u wont take back the rights aftr reaadin legend-2...hehe

  5. stupid u r

    hey vaise toh stephanie is my gf i mean nt that donkey

    real mein 1 ladki haina

  6. hahahaha :D

    *hugs Pri*

    welcome in :)

  7. *hugs back* - a tighter one ;)

    whr r u asbah?? missing all d fun!! read legend2 n now 3 too....u'l die laughin part 2!!

    go comment...waitin 4 urs!!

  8. achaa stee :O (just realized fact about stephnie)

  9. brb after dinner, my dsl went out *owain*

    will come back and read.. see you then guys!

  10. oye..asbah...pata hai..was tryin to access ur blog from colg today...vahan bahut sari sites banned hai...like gtalk, orkut, n many music wali.......
    n when i tried to open ur blog..der ws a msg from our IT dept dat this site is registered under d category "gambling" !! hence u cnt access!! lol....

    kya chal rha hai ye sab...?? haan?? very bad! he he :P

  11. OH MAN !!!!! hehe .. no belieme? haha!! very interesting :D


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