October 28, 2008

Back with a Bang - The Legend of Sandeep Malan

From the writer of "Blessing in disguise","The Fourth seat","Family,Office & Love","The Pugilist", and the "Campus Files", we present you with

The Legend of Sandeep Malan

He is a big cinema freak who aims at living life as it passes by.You are going to witness the insane cinema freaks life story .He is a big fan of a south Indian Super star and an Item girl.With his innocent looks and straight face,he tries to perform and master everything that can impress people....enna da rascala mind it......

Keep Waiting , the mussadi man creator Sandeep Malan is back with a bang


  1. this post is not made to hurt others centiments and this character is not a real character and has nothint to do with those living or dead...its just for some fun session here

    remember this is

    sandeep Malan ...M a l a n

    There's a M here ......

    my first take on humour and emotions .....do comment

  2. Great work Stephen ....
    Looking forward to the Story ....

  3. hahaha!!! Interesting man!!!!

    we keep on pulling each other's tail :P no ? hehe!

  4. yes we do... next on list is you and priyanka ...on the same story itself....but sandeep malan is main

  5. shit shit!! i wanted to comment first!! but went for diwali celebrn......

    wowww stephen...lol....dying to see into words wht v discussed!!! pleaseeeee write naaaaa....tere exams ko goli maar....exms k liye b koi padhta hai....vo b viva k liye!! plss!! no!! itna ghissu mat ban!!

    write soonnnnn....waiting..... jaldiiiii !!

  6. haha @ pri :P

    yup.. lets see what u bring but i have some issues with it.. we'll discuss it over Gtalk once i will be back to gtalk .. which will be soon i hope :)

  7. what?? come na on gtalk den... or write here na..den delete if u want..

  8. hmmmmm........wat do i say?? waitin with bated breath....stephen uncle of "Gift of Life" will take a rebirth soon...he he....grrrrrrrrrrrrr...!!

  9. well sandeep malan will be back with a bang

    tu bas dekte rahnaa

  10. omy GOD!!!!!! we're so damn funny :D or is it you people?


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