October 28, 2008

Can you see my pain?....

Can you see my pain?
When I am feeling low,
When my face loses its glow,
When my tears wet the pillow…

Can you see my pain?,
When I feel lost in the crowd,
When I fail to make you proud,
When I can’t cry out aloud….

Can you see my pain?,
When I crave for your attention,
When I have loads of tension,
When my feelings I can’t mention…

Can you see my pain?,
When I feel lonely and sad,
When a bad day I’ve had,
When life is driving me mad…

Can you see my pain,
When I want your love and care,
When I feel no one’s there,
When life seems unfair…

No, you can’t see my pain,
For I have learnt to hide,
My pain, the tears I’ve cried,
My feelings, my emotions, have died!!!!


  1. again again....just read d first lines..n i knew its u mona!!

    mindblowing!! so touchy...so emotional...cud really relate to it!!

    especially loved d last para....too gud yaar!!
    u rock!! love ur poems truly!!

  2. yes, i liked the last para and first two verses, others were too rhymy.. i dont like rhyming poems much.. I dono, and odd sense of acidity... sorry mona nothing to hurt you !!

    i like the poem, simple and cute and last verse specifically.. and the notion of wet pillow :) i so can relate to it!

  3. Heyy..Must say Beautifully written..smhw i can corelate to it so it even tuchd me closely..
    and that wet pillOw..its Awesome..
    Keep it up..

  4. @ priyanka... thank u so much once again.. it feels so good to b liked n appreciated... realy sweet of u to actually comment on each poem of mine...!!!

    @ asbah...yeah.. guess everyone has been thru the wet pillow phase... and yeah it did get too rhymy in between.. in fact i guess in the rhyming process i wavered a bit too... but i always end up rhyming stuff... thanks for you comments.. means a lot to me...

    @ charu... thanks... glad you could correlate to it.. thats the biggest achievement for a writer... cheers!!!!

  5. cld feel as if i m d character.......very well written :)


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