February 1, 2012

you are literally

I misspelled your name and found the word.
It was real: the kiss.
I felt the soft… the moisture behind your upper lip.
The weakness behind my chest,
the empty in my stomach.
You asked why I didn’t do it sooner.
You kissed me again.
And it was real: this kiss.

You reached for my right hand,
our fingers interlaced,  your left hand.
Then we walked.

The worn wooden planks, discolored
like the sky above the unfamiliar boardwalk.
I sensed the sand of the beach made white by the night.
I felt where the sand touched the discolored sky.
The beach of white reaching for blue hues.
The ocean between them trembling in waves.

I felt where our hands touched.  It was real.
I counted the tangle of our fingers.  Your soft palm,
the moisture… but I knew.
So I squeezed until I woke up.  And I woke up.
My hand was empty.

I misspelled your name and found these words.
It was a dream but it was true.
I felt where my hand touched my sheets of blue hues.
I trembled, sensing the ocean between us.

The girl in my dreams.
I never kissed you.  I never told you.
But I want to. 

Really do.
Wish you knew.
Words are true.
They’re for you.



  1. I... have two people in mind when I read this.

  2. more than the sense of the kiss..i loved the way the sad hues are presented.. write more!!

  3. aki!: i wrote this after i had a dream about someone. she was literally the girl of my dream :)

    the pink orchid: thanks! i tried to recapture the discoloration of things in dreams. i used to write and post here at lot but ive been on a long break lol! hopefully ill be back here more often than recently. :)

  4. AWWW!! So adorable!!! I'm really really memerized at your words!! Your new follower :)

  5. jen: thanks! follow me @ http://fiftyways.blogspot.com/


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