February 5, 2012

I - Part 3

I guess a few hours might have passed by the time I woke up again. I was still in the same chair. Guess no one cared about me.
When I saw around, papers were flying all over the place. A sense of being in a massacre came to me.
So I stood up and went to the room hoping to see that man or that woman.
En route, the guy came towards me and said "You should not be here. You have to leave right now". Saying this he dragged me towards the wall where a map was put up.
He showed me directions on how to leave the building.
And he vanished to nowhere.
I had another glance at map and found where to start.
So I started to run towards the first exit which led to a set of steep stairs that lead downstairs. I could have gone but there wasn't any light in the staircase. Fully dark.
Then I recognised another exit from the map.
So I ran towards that only to find another steep staircase that led upstairs.
A sudden loss in my energy made me contemplate whether I could climb those.
But then that guy emerged from nowhere and said "you'll never make it that way. Follow me". He led me to a place which looked like a loading dock. It had a wooden sledge on a track and a cable that was suspended from the ceiling. I understood what we are gonna do.
He allowed me to take the seat so he can push from back.
He then started pushing while I gazed around. It looked like only the two of us were inside the building.
Papers flying everywhere. When asked what's happening all I got was "trust me, you don't wanna know". God give me strength, I thought while being pushed around.

It was a palace. Full empty. The track moved across the rooms throug holes only large enough to accommodate the height of a sitting guy.
When going through that hole, the guy kept crouching and commenting about the features of the place we were entering to. But none entered my head.

Then we came to a wall. So high and I could hear the seas more clearly now. It was an open area that looked like an outer compound. He stopped talking and came beside me and said "you are going to go through that wall now. Do not be scared. You will have a safe landing. This is best and fast way outta here". While saying this he started strapping me to a belt that was attached to the base of the sledge.
Landing? I wondered.
My head nodded without my consent.
Taking that as an yes he pushed me. I went through a curtain and was shocked to see the view out there. It was like a rollercoaster ride. I was at least 200 ft high and the drop was almost 85 degrees down.
And I couldn't stop the sledge. It went on.
I must have touched at least 50 mph speed but then the curve angle started reducing and started moving more forward towards the land. By the time I reached the water I was gliding above it.
Now I could have a clear view of what was moving around me.
Cars. "Strange" I thought.
Yea, cars that floated on water.
I felt a sudden jerk and came to know that the track ended. Yet I was gliding over the water speeding towards land. I was very much surprised because the speed of the vehicle kept increasing. I looked down and I saw that the sledge had now turned to a vehicle attached with a powerfull motor.
It was too much for my brain could take.
I fainted again. The last thing I saw was nearing the docks.
When I regained consciousness I was been walked to a room in a house. There was a couple seated beside a dining table in that room.
The moment I saw them I realised they were my parents.
And the next thing I knew, I woke up.
Gosh! The entire series of events was just a dream.

But I now have a very strange feeling that it might not be.

To be continued!

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