January 14, 2012

I - Part 2

Seeing my face as a human was a shock to me. A face that I coudn't identify myself with.
And I was in too much pain to justify it.
Then I heard a some sound and I turned. A figure suddenly jumped inside behind my back. It didn't startle me much because I was expecting it.
"Gotcha!". It was that guy. He said he wanted to test me so that's why he pretended to be in trouble. I was just blank.

"Come on lets get moving", he said and proceeded down the corridor.
I followed him as if a dog obeying its master.

We kept walking. He kept talking but nothing entered my head because I was amused like a child who sees the merry-go-round for the first time.
The walls were decorated with the carvings of a man who just appeared from nowhere and how he realized his purpose and eventually became something which I could not understand.
And what made it spooky was the images that depicted the progress of that man. It depicted hell and heaven combined.
We turned off to a corner and entered a room which was eventually the room where I saw that lady.

"here we are" said the guy to that lady and they both winked.
I was now led to the auditorium and offered a seat in the middle.
"just relax. We have everything under control" said the lady who followed behind me.
This was the point where I realized I had not spoken anything.
"who are you and what is your name?" I asked. It was as though I spoke for the first time in my entire life. "and who am I?"
"you will soon know who you are and who we are does not really matter" a new voice from behind me said this. I then turned around and saw no one. And everyone started staring at me. "who is this?" I asked again.
"it does not matter" the voice echoed throughout the hall.

Before I could realize what's happening, I fell to the seat half dizzy.


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