January 14, 2012

Am tired......!

Am tired. 
Dead tired.
Tired of holding up this burden 
And living up-to the expectations of all.
Am tired of being older than my age
Bear all these responsibilities.

Am not complaining,
Am not crying,
Am not cribbing
And certainly am not regretting,
But am tired,
I am not that strong
As I look, say or fake to be.
I am weak.
I am not that much full of faith
To keep pacifying my heart 
That things will settle.

I am losing my patience,
Am losing my strength,
Am losing my peace,
Am losing it all.

I am escaping my own self
Am hiding from being what I am.
I am drenched of love,
Am deprived of care,
As I have spent all that I had
On people I cared.

Will I meet somebody
Who will support me one day?
Who will care for me?
Will I be loved by anyone someday?
Questions are many
Answers are none.
Expectations are dead
And only struggle is left!



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