August 15, 2011

The Road to Away

a Penguin-Grasshopper post 
[1st of the final posts of the series]
Read about Penguin-Grasshopper, HERE

How long has it been?? 2 years? 2 days or decades?

Time waits for none. Least of all for emotions and feelings. This post is dedicated to the girl named Penguin. Yes, those annoying yet pretty animal thingy's that walk around in snow and ice and what not. Penguin. Yep, she's just like that. Annoying as hell but pretty amazing too.
It all started in Delhi. Oh wait, it all started in a blog called 'The Writer's Lounge'. It started from here, blossomed in Chennai and faded away to Bangalore. Today she's just a BBM ping, an sms away, yet it seems everything else that had once been dear and alive is now dead. As i scroll down the memories that was once the life and soul of us, the feelings and the scenes etched in words in this blog takes me back to the madness and euphoria of being with her. The restlessness that was once abundant has vanished. With the passing of time, the distances made it worse.

Neither tried to hold on and neither tried to go away. It was as if separation just stepped in between. I could feel the gaping hole forming in my life even as she was slowly moving away. The loneliness that threatened to entwine with the emptiness of her absence slowly formed as i let her slip into the hungry world. I always knew that illusion would end. Just never realised, it would be so painful and swift and heart-breaking. Karma has its own style of inflicting what you do not expect. 

Nevertheless, she was happy in the direction she moved and i was back to my own imperfect world. Only the dullness of monotomy set in. The impulse ridden boy called Grasshopper faded away into the more practical Freelancer. The angel named Penguin, long forgotten into the words of a writer. Maybe we were destined to meet just to go away. Cupid really has a funny sense of humour. Today, she is in Bangalore. Not too far from Chennai. But i don't think i would go and meet her. Neither will she come over to Chennai. We both know, sometimes we have to live life in the present for it to make sense in the future. 

I promised myself, i would not let this story fade away too. This is more than just a post. This is an amalgamation of the most vibrant memories and the the most troubled decisions. This is how Grasshopper and Penguin fades away. And you better be sure of the fact that the next couple of final posts would go out in a bang. This is a celebration to me and her. This is to her staring into my eyes. This is to me palying 'mere sang tu chal zara' everytime we met. This is to knowing you and loving you and losing you.

-the dude of the story


  1. like uv rightfully put, sum pple enter our lives only to leave one day...n in d process, dey teach us sumtin tht v sumtimes mite understand n sumtimes r jus left askin, 'what was the reason tht tht person was sent in our lives?'

  2. means you ditched Madhu .... Jeez i never thought you would do this to her and all for this Penguin...

  3. @ The Solitary Writer,

    You got it wrong. He did not ditch Madhu for this Penguin after all.


    And sad to know that someone, who has known both of us for years, failed to understand what he meant! Thanks Ste.

  4. @ Freelancer (Grassy),

    Thanks a ton!...for this post that clearly says what we have been feeling for months now.

    What we had... can only be expressed in words by you. I really do not have that in me to put them into words and show everyone.

    But the 'Road to away?' Nope. May be a different road, with a better strong bonding!

    Thanks a ton for all this :) ... thank you for bringing back Penguin to this place!... it's time. :)


  5. @ Ste,

    You were joking! Yes, exactly. We did "FEEL" you were.

  6. @nyx and FL - god bless u both guys, Not every bond need to be explained :) know u both from a long time now. Rocking warm persons :)

  7. I read this here today and feel what I can never express :)

    I have lived each moment with the grasshoper and penguin ....and I so know :)

    Alas some stories are just chapters and better they remain as such...but i somehow never want this to end....but alas...God bless u both :) The 21st century tom and jerry :)


  8. @Ste this comment showed u never followed the series :P jeez :P


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