August 26, 2011

MonMad 2011 RESULTS!!!

The time to announce the winners of MonMad 2011 has finally arrived. Though the quantity was extremely few, the quality was more than awesome. Me, the owners and the rest of the admins, thank you for your part. Also, a huge thank you to the non TWL people who took part in the contest.

Since only 2 entries has been received from outside of TWL, we couldn't make a separate category for them and hence, they were judged together with the blog entries. Our own THE WRITER'S LOUNGE legend, Pretty Prats, who now had given up an illustrious part of her life as a blogger was more than happy to be the judge.

So here we go,

The Winner of MonMad 2011 is "MAITHILI" for her post "A Little Bit of Lying"

Pretty Prats says : "speechless! Such is the hatred and selfish interest of people. Killer ending. A full ten pointer"

We have a TIE for the 1st Runner's Up

They are "SMITA" for "Consequences" and "PULKIT" for "A Rainy Confession"


Both scored 9.5 each for excellent creativy. Pulkit's narration was brilliant but hampered by the word limit. Smita's post had supreme emotional tugs but lacked a touch of hope, a glimmer of ray that everyone needs in life. Nevertheless, excellent contributions.

The LAST but NOT THE LEAST, the ADMIN'S CHOICE AWARD.... and this is personal to me

The ADMIN'S CHOICE award goes to someone who is not a part of TWL.
I congratulate "SHRUTI MUKHERJEE" for her post "Odd Impressions".


Now you all know that you have to grab your badges and add them to your blogs. Also, i remember The Admin's Choice winning a certain prize from me. So SHRUTI gets an e-voucher of INR 400/- to shop anytime at FLIPKART. Now that ought to bring a smile on her lips. The Admin's Choice winner needs to send me an email to

Also, this is a good year for TWL. We are now a WEBSITE. We had a fun contest. On this note, The Winner and the Runner's Up......wait for it......gets something toooooooooo....

Each of you will win a novel. A NOVEL and i hope to God, you people read. There will be a list of 9 Novels. And out of those 9, each one of you 3 winners can choose only 1. ONLY ONE. Seems fair since i will be the one shelling out bucks. This is NOT for the ADMIN'S CHOICE WINNER.

I will be the one selecting the novels. Remember, if one of you chooses a novel, the other one cannot get the same novel. So choose fast. The list of novels isn't up as of now. But it will be up by SUNDAY midnight at A LOT OF PAGES. So keep checking, the fastest one gets the best of the lot. Rules will be given there when the list comes up.

It was fun bringing you this contest and i hope you all had fun taking a part too.... Those who didn't win (including me and one of the owners) lol, DO NOT BE HEARTBROKEN (you can be for a while, i know i will be). WE WILL BE BACK. WITH BIGGER CONTESTS AND BIGGER PRIZES.


P.S| People, i ask you to be a sport and congratulate the winners. Also The Lover for the wonderful job he had done for the blog. Not to mention, Pretty Prats, who is still the number 1 Queen of Poetry in TWL and whose number of posts we cannot seem to cross. I Thank, STEPHEN for the brilliant concept he and me shared one late night until early morning. And don't forget to thank me, Freelancer for all the giveaways *blush*


  1. Awww I m soo soo happy! My first contest at TWL and my first win!! :D :D
    Thanks a lot Pretty Prats for your wonderful comment :)
    Congrats to Smita and Pulkit as well.. I loved your stories :)

  2. congratulations to the winners.. :-)

  3. congratulate on ur success ...... i love ur blog ....

  4. I am elated. I cant stop smiling since last night!! my first ever contest. Thanks! that was a real boost!

    congratulations to Maithili, Smita and Pulkit. Cheers!

  5. OMG! I can't believe I won!
    Thanks a lot pretty prats :) And the adorable FL and all wonderful admins for making up a platform like TWL :)
    It was a huge feast out there in the form of entries for the contest.I so loved Pulkit's creation and Maithili's one was superb!

    Congratulations Maithili :)
    Congratulations Pulkit :)

    I am now so eagerly waiting for the NOVEL !!
    Thanks FL :) :)

  6. Congratulations to Maithili for rightly winning the the contest. Ur post was strong, gripping and engaging. within the domain of the rules, U succeeded in optimally delivering a great post to the lounge :) god bless!
    @Pretty Prats - Thanks for appreciating the narration and creativity deary :) I am blessed by all your kind words and appreciation :) thank u!
    @smita - congrats yaar :) great post by u! feels amazing to share the podium with a very gifted writer like u :) god bless!
    @FL - I am happy that u are not trying to become a supreme court judge in life, else all your judgement speeches would have actually become legends :D :D Waiting for the book list *wicked smile* (reminder set for the first selection) :D :D

  7. @Maithili

    Beginner's luck
    Just kidding. you deserve all the applause.

    Keep it up

  8. @HijiBijBij

    You girl, are an exceptional writer. keep Up the good work

    New to TWL and already a winner :D
    I expect more from you. There will be a poetry contest soon. And i expect you to take part. Late this year.

    Finally someone from the old gang. I thought the newbies would steal all the thunder from us :P Haha, looks like i am destined to make speeches from now on lol.

  9. thanks fl and smita...but i really didnt expect because...everyone wrote with such twist and turns...mine was simple. will definitely participate in the poetry competition and also whoever asked me to check TWL...will do for sure ;)

  10. eh??? did u read the result completely??? there was also a prize for you

    P.S| i told you to check TWL in your chat box

  11. yess......that gift voucher means...more books.....thats a sexy gift!! love it...thanks....yay yay yayyyy!!! *does a boogie dance*

  12. @Chef Dro : Thank you :)
    @Sahrish : Thanks a lot :)
    @ HijiBijBij : THanks and hearty congratulations to you too.:)
    @Smita: Thank you..Congratulations for winning the prize and rightly for that cleverly knit plot.
    @Pulkit:Aww I m so so grateful for those words :) Thanks so much for being so generous with praise..
    Congratulations to you too and yes one request,
    I really liked how your post was moving.. I would like to read what you had in mind without the word constraints if it is possible..

  13. @Freelancer: You are superb..And yes I read the results while I was still sleepy and I didnt see the novel thing then.. I m delighted that you are giving away novel as a reward!!
    A great effort you are making for the lounge and I thank you for that :;)
    You are awesome!!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. pulkit : the pleasure is all mine :) to share the platform with such great bloggers :)

    FL : Honestly, I wasn't expecting a winning position and then a prize !! I was hoping I might get those little tiny compensation acknowledgement :p but all this feels so great :D
    Looking forward for the poetry contest now :)

    CHEERS !!!

  16. @maithili - if so, why not let's collaborate on a write up together for TWL. Any theme, that u have in mind, But it should be dramatic and surprising :D :) I want to work with the freshness that u have in your expression. What say? Let's give it a try :) mail me if u feel the same and let's work on a short post sometime :)
    @ smita - Greatness in a dynamic world of blogging is a flux based term. It moves on from one gen to another. No matter what our ages are, as FL putted it up aptly, me and him and pratsie,ste, we all wait from new light from people like u, whose posts might not be many in number, but they actually inspire the dim(yet passionate) flame that remains in us to contribute here and to blogging on a whole.

    @ FL - what blogger? what speech? what admin? what TWL? what ALOP? We are family and shall always be. My win is urs and Ur win is mine ( Saying all these senti stuff does not mean I will not take the book from u... :D :D )) I thought our first courier to each other shall be a beer can :P :)

  17. yes, i would love to see some combined series. Its been long since someone came to rival the penguin-grasshopper series :P


  18. @Pulkit : Yes yes why not? I would love to do a combined series.. sending you a mail right away..

  19. Hey, congratulations to all the winners.
    Great work!! :)

    And Maithili, double congratulations to you are a fantastic writer. :)


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