July 19, 2011


TWL is currently undergoing template upgrades. You might notice things out of place. Please bear with us as we try to make the Lounge more relaxing. :)

Edit - How do you guys like the look till now? Inputs are welcome!


  1. I just love the look of the blog!! Amazing work guys!!
    Pat on the back from me :)

    This looks younger and more appealing! and header is just mindblowing :)

  2. Damn proud of you Aditya. You have given TWL the best gift it could ever get! Am in love with the masthead.

    TWL Rocks!

  3. Thanks maithili! Still in Beta though ;)

    Sandeep - This is the least I can do. Lots of fond memories from TWL's earliest days.

  4. the new look is awesome <3
    loved it :)
    good job :) :)

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