June 8, 2011

India. Incredible India

A few facts that I gathered.

Note - These are secondary data. They are just references for comparison and not to be taken legally or personally.

The Independence Struggle.

America -
Got independence from Great Britain, on July 2, 1776.
July 4th, was declared as Independence Day.
American revolution was on the late half of the 18th century in which 13 colonies from North America wanted to break free from the British Empire and join to become United States of America.
On July 4th 1886, the 50th anniversary of the American Independence was celebrated.

Major religion - Christianity which accounts to about 78% of the population.

Major language spoken - English.

Russia -
Independence day - 12th June celebrated from 1990.
The Russian Revolution, in 1917, resulted to become the major influence for the rise of the super power.

Japan -
Independence was declared on 660 BC by Emperor Jimmu.
It was formally recognized in 1873 by Emperor Meiji.
Actually it was never under rule by any other Empire. So it cannot be said that it got independence (Source - Internet).

Major religion - About 96% of the population follow Shinto Buddhism.
Major language spoken - Japanese.

China -
Republic of China, declared so, in 1911.
It was declared somewhere in that year but not sure.
Later it was declared People's Republic of China on 2 dec, 1949, and the independence day was declared to be on October 1.
Religion followed - Majority is Buddhism and Tao.
Minority (roughly 10-13%) is Islam, Confucianism.
Major language spoken - Chinese

India, Incredible India -

India, independence 15th august 1947.
It was possible only because of Mahatma Ghandhi, who introduced the concept of non-violence to the world.

Major religions - Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity..

Major languages spoken - Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Assamese, Bengali and other regional languages that I am sure to exist but too lazy to list it.

Why am I listing all these?
Its because of the thought in many.
When will India become fully developed?

I say, ask the question to yourself again.
Do you think India has grown enough to be fully developed?

You say Japan, the bearer of two nuclear bombs, is fully developed.
America, right now which gets the most output from India, is developed.
China, if internet is correct, has never been under any foreign rule. So it should be developed.
And almost all countries surrounding India has raced India for development.

So this is the fact that you say.
Now go read the top mentioned 'approximated' facts.

Religion followed in these countries - 1 or maybe 2.
Language spoken in these countries - 1.

And what about the Incredible India?
Religion followed - More than 5 (major religions) and some villages and rural areas have their own.
Language spoken - Different in each of the 28 states and union territories.
Yeah, there are common languages which are Hindi and English. But they fail to bring out the unity.

We boast, saying that it is our rich cultural heritage and our diversity that makes us different and unique.
I hate when people say that.
It is our major drawback.
A guy from one state, fluent in his state's local language and customs, cannot go to another for a living and get accustomed there. Or at least, a bit difficult to adjust.
Is it like that in any other country?
If you cross the border, then its a different story. I'm talking within the boundaries.

And the technology advancements.

Here is a small scenario.

We recently launched Chandrayan. Right?
The one that was sent to the moon to find out whether there is any trace of water. And we were successful in that, I agree.
NASA sent a spaceship years ago for the same, and got the evidence.
We were late.
We celebrated after the research. I agree again we deserve the pat on the back.

According to a documentary in Discovery Channel, NASA sent a spaceship to space that bears the images of man and a woman with proper depictions of how we look, to reach out to aliens, and by now it has reached the end of the milky way galaxy.

But yes, Chandrayan was our first step.
And what did we do next?
Create our own rocket engine?
It blew up as soon as it took off. Why?

Each and every nation that has sent rockets to space, all use the same Korean assembled engine. And we? Was it necessary?

People say dare to be different.
But I say, dare to be NORMAL.

And, I guess, I don't need to mention about the politicians and their scams.

Now maybe the scenario of the next generation where there is higher education rate.
Education need not be a degree or of scholastic value.
But rather the common knowledge of what the hell is happening.

The India, of our previous generation, were the people of the brain drain.
The people before that, are the current 'leaders'.

Its our generation.
The generation for which the entire nation is waiting for.
A generation that is believed to solve all the problems.

Well, will we?
With the internet raging through every individual, each and everyone is becoming over knowledged in his/her field, as a result prohibits the brain to solve anything, simply through common sense.
This is our generation. The over knowledged.

We know everything, but we know nothing.
Best compliments to Google.

And the future scenario?
I personally feel its too soon to tell.
Come on, its just 63 years.
We do have to wait it.
Its just 63 years.

NOTE again -
All these are my views.
I write to feel light at my heart.
Not against any group or individual.

If any faulty information is provided, then please correct me.
Feedbacks are welcome.

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  1. I'm with you. It is too soon for India to expect it to become developed. However, we have advanced a lot in the last few decades.

  2. We have.. I don't deny it. It is that advancement took place so fast and rapid that it makes us to know everything but at the same time doesn't.

  3. Indian is great
    i never compare it with other country...
    kyonki baki ka level hi nahi hain itna

  4. People say that country is like that and this is like this..
    Take for example..
    U say the teenagers follow the american lifestyle..
    dress, living alone, the typical teenage life of parties.
    well.. if they cud adopt this, why cant they adopt the americans patriotism?
    the love for the country..
    following the rules and regulations.. public discipline?

    enter a restaurant in high time.. it deafens your ears.
    u enter at the same time there, u can even hear a cat meowing.

    i agree. India is a great country.
    u give me 10 reasons for it.
    I ll give you 11 reasons against it.

  5. http://the-stuff-collection.blogspot.com/2011/06/google-doodle-indian-national-anthem.html


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