June 8, 2011

6WS - Rebirth

Let a chain be reborn again...

I don't know who's there here right now from the old gang, who is there new, for I am myself feeling new here. But the last time I enjoyed myself at the Lounge, this six word stories posts on Death were (in Twitter terms) "trending". 5 posts in 8 days is hardly WL style. So I think, what the heck, lets get the chain going once more. What say fellas? Anyone up for it?

The Amateur Poet,


  1. Sure.... it was really memorable time.... u have any topic in mind...???!!! :)

  2. sounds cool - im waiting for new reads then :)


  3. been thinkin' about it -

    how about a photography competition? the theme can be nature, summers, colors, mangoes, whatever!

    the procedure shall be:

    1) click the picture that you think suits the theme.
    2) write anything about it- within 200 words. prose or poem! anything?

    or rules can get stringent depending upon what admins think :)

    (aka asbah)

  4. let's do it bro!

    Let the topic be...say 'Rains'?

  5. Asbah ke bacche...come back yar! Wat on earth are you doing posting comments using 'anonymous'? :-( :-(

    I will implement your idea's islexx!! But plz come back oye!

  6. oh wow so much activity in a day.

    Im lovin' it :)



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