May 25, 2011


I know, with this post it must have become an over dose of such posts. But then, let me write it for my satisfaction. I keep saying, the best thing that blogging did to me was 'Friends'. By 'blogging' I mainly refer to 'Writers lounge'. The chain posts, the competitions, the late night chats, the meet-ups, plenty to cherish. A few days back, I was actually reading all those '2 Point Someone' posts that I and Ste used to write. Looks very silly now, but then, the memories.. Oh Shit..!! :)

Ok, let me try to remember all the people I met here. Feel free to bash me up under the nose if your name is not mentioned. Sandeep( The King), Ste (The idiot), Asbah(The sweetest), Priyanka (My first and best), Kajal, Aarti (special), Nandini (chells), Prats (B'lore buddy), Arun (the macha), Tan dada, Nabila, Neha, Mona, Hashan, Vinay (Leo), Chirag (my hero), Freelancer. I must have missed a few names here, I'm sure. But then, its 'me' only if I forget a few isn't it? But then, i know how it feels when you see your name there, you know, in such a post that too.

Nice to see you people crawling back here. If nothing else, I think its high time we rekindle our friendship.By god's grace I have a phone and it has a number, and by god's curse I'm always on facebook. Hope to keep in touch.

See you. Cheerios. A big fuckin' 'Welcome back'. Feels great. :D



  1. See who is here :)

    Finally the oldies come back...TWL is back in its own avatar....

    And u better start writing ..atleast try it on TWL again...I miss ur humour :)

    I guess time for my comeback post too.....sigh

    P.S. if i am unrecognizable in my old id ...its the same old Nabila aka Nabz :)

  2. Yeah, nabila- The mysterious girl... :)

    Seriously, nice writing here. I would be happier I all those old buddies can post a comment or two here. Thanks. :)



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