May 14, 2011

The 11th Hour

I was watching 11th hour movie narrated by Leonardo Di Caprio.

But before I proceed further. U have to read this.

Once there was a guy, living the typical life on the "FAST LANE". One day, as when he was leaving for the office, while accessing the elevator the security guard told this guy that he wasn't well that day as he looked dull and suggested that he would take a day off. But this guy wasn't ill and he said I'm alright and went on.

Then at the office parking space he met some his colleagues and they said too that he was not well and should have taken the day off. But he said he was alright and went on. But at this time he had a little doubt whether he was alright.

Then he went inside the office and again there his other mates again told him that he was not well. But now the guy was convinced that he was very ill. So he took the day off.

But by the time he reached his house he was very ill and couldn't even get out of the car. So then he was hospitalized and he touched the death door and came back.

Why am I telling all this???

This is because the human mind is the most complicated thing in the world. A bad influence from others can make a normal man to face his deathbed in just one day. so the human mind has that much power to make things happen.

So if we think that we are in the time which is 11:59:59, then we are in that time.

Problems of the world is not as great as you think it is.. One man say the world is facing a huge danger and he convinces a few and thats enough. These "FEW" will BELIEVE very strongly that the world is going to end and their mind will have tremendous effect on the world.

So the world's smallest problem will be blown into a mega size problem.

And if you want to believe that the world will live.

According to Indian mythology the universe was created by a god called "BRAHMA".. The universe will live as long as brahma lives and his life is estimated to be 100 years.. For him 1 day is supposed to be 1 'yuga'. in earth counting 1 yuga is supposed to be 432,000 earth years.and according to that calculation, brahma is on his 1st day of the 40th year.. so we still have minumum 59 brahma years to live.

So don't worry the earth won't die.

Earth has been in the world for ever and scientists have agreed to the evidence found that man had evolved millions of years ago.. so earth has enough "MATURITY" to take care of its own problems.


All you have to do is to just think that there is no problem in earth.and that the earth is the most wonderful place to live on.

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  1. very well said..negative influences are detrimental.. and we are more prone to negative thoughts.. We give negative energy, we get the same energy in better to believe and send positive vibes and receive it back...

  2. true..
    parting with things is the major trouble with people. let it be, emotions, something they owned or thoughts.. observing and shutting it down in their heart is the practice. they have to let it out instead of giving way to the negative forces.

  3. its true our thoughts are master of our life ...whatever we experience in a daily life is the result of our thoughts....

  4. Our reactions to daily life makes any situation unforgetable atleast for a temporary period.
    this then becomes thoughts and weighs each and every situation that we encounter.. so instead of reacting to a situation, if we ACT to a situation (there is a difference) then we wont have to remember it.. without remembrance, no thoughts..if no thoughts, we have ourself blissful life.


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