April 12, 2011

hello family

So ,how are you my dear friends ? I understand that its been a long time since I wrote something here.I'd been keeping myself busy these days and lots of work.Its self explanatory that the admins and founders are kind of busy so its the duty of the contributors to write here.This place is turning from terrible to miserable and I can understand that its time to impose emergency  in TWL :P .Any one call the President of the Lounge please :P .Hope to hear from you guys very soon and  post here and lets bring back this day to what it used to be some 2 years ago..Remember that its your family and only you can take better care of your family because you know your family well...

Ste,Sandeep & Asbah

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  1. hey! Ste:)

    Long time since you updated Writer's Lounge?


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