March 25, 2011

Darling Wife ------ 13 May

Into ashes she turned me
making me sad and gloomy 
pushing into another world 
where despite the crowd I was lonely 
battered and bruised I lay 
nothing I could convey 
my heart bleed 
she couldn't read 
the pain that run down my eyes 
the scar I couldnt hide
but as time turned its tide 
the world started to look bright 
shades of colors 
and their beauty unfurled 
as I marched ahead 
rising from dead 
a joyful ride awaits me 
making me happy 
a new journey begins 
a new hope clings 
now I step ahead 
into another phase of life 
a loving hand accompanies me 
as a darling wife 
I look at the ashes and smile 
after all the pain was worthwhile ! :)


  1. Starts with resignation and ends with hope. Time as always heals everything. But the scars. they do remain. BTW a beautiful work...

  2. Back to Blogging after a big break

    Hope yours is always fabulous and fantastic


    COol blogs

  3. I loved the ending, all that hope, all that positivity! :) Beautiful!

  4. @Thanx all ---- You all are invited to my marriage ceremony --- on 15th May-- will drop u invitation card in mail,leave ur mail id :) :)


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