December 11, 2010


What is Karma?
A lot many have tried to interpret this answer for ages. And a lot of answers are probably based on ones wisdom and experience with life. Imagine life to be a vast Gurukul, where everyone is here to live some, learn some and maybe find themselves over the time – Disciples.
And there is something called Dharma which again is linked to Karma, stated in Bhagvat Gita. I have always been a little dumbfounded when the intellectual people chased the subject of Dharma-Karma mumbo-jumbo. I have come to know that life has a design for everybody. And it’s a strange to think that the universe is constantly in motion spaced out by time, concurring that whatever that has to happen eventually does happen and when it does we have to be ready. Life can catch you off guard as well, Give you happiness when you least expect it or bring upon doom. In these make or break situation, all one can do is live that moment completely as nothing lasts long. Again pointing to the ever constant motion of the universe.
So what drives these situations is a question way beyond our thinking that you can derive numerous conclusions on systematic, yet eccentric turn outs of the event life lines up for us. And there is Destiny, which has its own theory, and I have never got the hang of what it meant, ever... I have always been the go-getter types who always stuck to my beliefs stubbornly. So the word Destiny probably doesn’t exist in my dictionary. But strangely, the words Dharma and Karma are closely associated with Destiny. In a more scientific approach, Life is an Oscillator circuit, Evaporation-Condensation cycle, a computer algorithm which constantly gives you a feedback on what Input you feed. So I guess life’s exactly like that. Your action defines the outcomes and later the circumstances and so goes on the cycle.
My Parents always instilled in me that age old line derived from Bhagvat Gita : “ Karmanye Vaadikaraste, Maa phaleshu Kadachana.” (Do your duties unconditionally and never expect the fruit back)
So the real question is: Does Karma really come back? And personally I have believed in this feedback system strongly, some through personal experience and some through my kith and kins. So doing good becomes important and a necessary character in a person to attain peace and satisfaction. History and mythology have always glorified the Good over evil and its always like a Diehard action movies where the evil villain is vanquished and peace prevails!
Karma is one phase. And the other phase is the “coming back to you” phase. And there’s absolutely no sourness when the good times last. Its only when the bad times set in we tend to retort back and ask the question “why me?” It takes a lot more to stay put when the bad rains are here pouring down on you.. Its takes lots of courage, Positive thinking and faith to pull yourself through. No good deed goes waste. And no degree of mercy or forgiveness changes your karma. Your doings are your own and if any demons that roar out of them, its up to you to fight your own battles and suck the poison out of your life and turn into a better person altogether. If you‘re not one of them who wants to change the world out there, which is not a bad thing, trust me. Sometimes the change has to be from within to inspire those around you. You can do your share by smallest of gestures which make a huge difference in this universe. Just be good, work hard, stay compassionate, stay positive, value your family and most importantly respect life and not degrade it by undermining its potential to throw you over like a wave of tsunami. Most importantly, Smile! There’s something called life that will smile back at you as well and you don’t want to miss that do you?

Newton’s third law of Motion: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

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  1. karma always the priority in a person's life and whatever karma he do whether it is good or bad..he will get result in the future on the basis of that karma and as in gita it is stated that
    karm karte raho fal ki iccha mat karo
    you just do your work rest left on god he will take care of the result and will gave you result on the basis of your karm


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