December 13, 2010

golden brown

Beautiful long hair
tossing side to side
flowing in the breeze
warm and light.
Turning your chin
you might see me
crossing the street
my eyes turned away
embarrassed you’ll catch them
caught in a stare
I’m staring at your hair.

Drifting to the side
trying to pass you
and not touch you
have you notice
me watching.
Wind pushes me back
in your way
the narrow path
the grass that surrounds
feet wet and cold.

And now so frightened
so frustrated so determined
to be brave
but left failing
weak and wanting.

Fighting with myself
afraid to trip
and fall at your feet
I try to hang on.

Fighting against the changing winds
tossing your hair faster
pushing you along
past me
the moment passes
I lost again.

I turn and catch
a glimpse of your skirt
flowing in the breeze
warm and light
as you glide away
tossing your hair
side to side.


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    gooooooooooood work DOST!!

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  3. wildflower: that's the best comment I've gotten for this poem! thanks


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