October 12, 2010

Waxed is my soul

How shall I soothe, how shall I stop
This screeching scorching pain,
I’m afraid to go out because
I fear I’ll melt with rain . . .

Beneath the black blur
My tears turn tough
My moans mix in mist,
My ride remains rough . . .

Waxed is my soul,
Stained, no longer sane,
I’m afraid to go out because
I fear I’ll melt with rain . . .


  1. Wonderful! could feel every word of it.

  2. Nice work... You hv depicted the emotions really well

  3. @Jaspreet I love that you enjoyed it, thanks a lot.

  4. @Sino @SONY thanks a lot friends for reading, your comments propel me to write more.

  5. @Moon-shine So sweet of you to say that my friend. Thanks.

  6. If you guys get time, you can read some of my small poems at my blog:


    And please leave your kind comments if you like some poems there.

    I too will go and visit each of your blogs and would love to read some stuff there.

  7. Dont go out my friend,
    If you are so soft
    to melt in a rain,
    because then what will you do
    under the scorching sun?

  8. Hey Doctor buddy thanks for the advice,
    Outside is a place I won't go,
    And as you know, it isn't that nice,
    When you know that there's a lot more than you know.


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