October 10, 2010

The Bus-Stop Chronicles

[A girl is sitting at the BUS STOP, pink jacket, pink bell-bottoms, white shirt a red scarf on the neck, hair tied nicely at the back, wearing eyeglasses and high black shining heels.]

[Sitting next is a Guy, green suit, green trousers, white shirt, yellow tie, white sports shoes, hair neatly combed with lots of oil in them]

Girl: [To guy] Excuse me, at what time the bus comes?

Guy: Time?

Girl: Yeah, time.

Guy: The time is very bad madam.

Girl: What?

Guy: But you are very beautiful.

Girl: Sorry?

Guy: Oh no no, you don’t have to be sorry for being beautiful.

Girl: Excuse me?

Guy: Oh you are excused.

Girl: Wha …

Guy: What brand of lipstick do you use, is it laurealeee

Girl: Please mind your own business.

Guy: I don’t do business madam. I am a service class person.

Girl: Wh…

Guy: But if you want me to do business I’ll do it.

Girl: Why would I . .

Guy: [Starts leaning on her] You can, a girl has every right on her future husband.

Girl: Gosh . . [Gets up and starts to walk away briskly, Guy also gets up and follows her]

Guy: Madam, where are you running away, why you got so angry, I will do whatever business you want, . . infact I sat at my father’s shop when I was in fourth standard . . I had got a fracture at that time and I was getting bored reading comics . …

Girl: [stops and looks at him in anger] Look mister, my brother-in-law is a police officer

Guy: hey now wait a minute here, now this is a problem with you girls, you see successful men in your family and you want your future husband to be exactly like them, now you want me to be a police officer?

Girl: You? my future husband? Hey mister . .

Guy: Oh sorry I know you have already chosen myself to be your hubby . . its no longer future husband.

Girl: How do you know that?

Guy: That’s why you are not calling out my name too, you are saying mister-mister [gets a bit shy]

Girl: [frustrated] That’s because I don’t know your name.

Guy: [smiles shyly] Mansukh-lal, but you can call me Manshu, out of love.

Girl: Goddddd, see my uncle is a lawyer, and I will . .

Guy: Liar???? I have no problems with that, really. Even if you whole family is full of liars I have no problems at all. We all lie in today’s world, it’s a necessary evil you see. When I was in 7th standard . .

Girl: Stop pleaseeeeeeee, what do you want?

Guy: I want to kiss you.

Girl: Kiss my ass.

[Guy tries to kiss her ass]

Girl: Hey hey what you doing, you idiot.

Guy: You only asked me to kiss you ass

Girl: Oh God [starts to walk away again]

Guy: Hey madam, you again started to walk, tell me when can we get married?

Girl: Shut up [sees a taxi, screams] TAXI

Guy: But you were sitting at the bus-stop, now you taking taxi?

[Girl gives him an angry look]

Guy: Oh I understand now I will do business, earn more money, you can afford taxis. Good good.

Girl: [Sitting in taxi] Bhaiya, Shanti Nagar

Guy: Where exactly in Shanti Nagar?

[Taxi Drives away. Guy smiles . . . . . . . . then he sees another beautiful girl sitting at the bus stop]

Guy: [spreading his arms] Raaaniiiiii, I am coming.



  1. hahha......ioutbrusted with laugh....nice picturisation.......willhelp taxi vallla's if day put sum kindaa people like him

  2. hahaha.... very enjoyable.

    but jokes apart, we shouldn't do anything like this. Eve teasing can very badly disturb a girl psychologically/mentally.

    Just a point of view.

  3. Yeah I know, but people do this, just wanted to portray that :)

  4. It was fun to read...but would dread if something similar happens with me..!! :P :)

  5. Yeah Urvashi, that's what difference of perception is, we from outside view it as a small funny incident, but to the girl involved it would be one hell of a headache.

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  7. @Prakhar indeed man, such people are ready to 'help' everybody :P

  8. @Blasphemous His name is interesting too Mansukh-lal

  9. @SONY and @Sonshu Thanks for reading, friends.

  10. Nice one, funny and interesting. :)

    But I hope I won't experience that....

  11. hahha i loved it..though someone going through this would be so frustrated...as a girl no one would want an experience like this..i liked it :) :)

  12. @Nic @Tweety Nice to know that you guys enjoyed it . . but just think, how ironic it is that someone's fun can be someone else's headache :)

  13. heheh!!

    It seems hilarious while reading but if such a thing would happen 2 me ether i would have been fainted or hit the guys really so bad that for next 10 days he couldn't walk on his feet!

  14. It wasn't funny at all :|
    i simply don't understand why the hell guys do all this and make any gals life more complicated , some gals might be strong enuf to answer these guys while some just keep silent like any helpless creature .

  15. btw liked the concept of figuring out these kind of drawbacks of our society !!

  16. Honestly, is this a joke?
    Are you living in this world?
    Those days are gone,my firend,
    You fantasize too much.

  17. @Pripat @Deepa True this can get as disgusting as possible, this is just a sober version.

  18. @Dr. Antony

    Wake up Sid?? These things do happen . still . . . anyhow I do fantasize a lot, but not about these things. :P

  19. it was hilarious :D :D :D :D

    loved it!


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