September 8, 2010

Mushy Stories

LOL I cant believe I am writing mushy crap but still :P read at ur own risk

Just one of those days I went to visit my friends in Mysore Infosys. Those were the days I lead a dogged life, every other pretty girl I passed by I used to clench my fists over my heart and say “ Oh my God I am in love” but when I saw this girl in campus the next day I was on the verge of swooning. Maybe the summer heat played it’s part too, but I hadn’t seen anyone as cute and pretty for a long time. And I believed that I would never see her again, so I named her truelove.

And so the name stuck. Time went by and I forgot all about her. Months later my friend Navin told me your truelove is in Bangalore. I was happy. Not that I thought about her or wanted to meet her, I just liked the fact that truelove was in town. And this day and that I got small pieces of information about this lady. Like I knew when she was going to buy her laptop and small stuff which Navin passed on to me. And then one pleasant evening me and navin were walking inside the forum mall when he says “Hey Abhri, your truelove is here” and I get all tensed, and I walk jittery behind him towards my truelove. All I manage is a smile maybe. And then days pass and I never really think about truelove again except when she is brought up in some conversation, but in all the conversations she is referred to as truelove and I enjoy the link.
And time flies by and even the word true love is seldom heard. When suddenly Navin calls me to join for a movie, and within days I find myself saving true love’s number and I save it as “truluv” but as we, me and truluv get closer, one day as she is riding with me, my phone rings. I chuck it out and give it to her to see. Just then I realize her name is still stored as truluv, so I hastily type the message myself and from the other day my truluv becomes Karrie.
And as days go by I become good friends with Karrie and slowly but surely the magic of “truluv” fades away. But, personally I believe in the perfect circle. What may seem the beginning to you maybe really the end. And I feel now in the air, the magic and the charm of missing u, I really don’t know what to call you . And so goes this little silly story, which is mostly true. And this is your message in the bottle, that long before I knew you I had a put a name for you. Truluv 


  1. whoa!! what was that??
    utterly unexpected and utterly charming post...

    true story???

    all the best :D


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