August 14, 2010


Our spirits soaring,
Our voices roaring.
In unison, we prepare;
National anthem, we flare.
Yes, we are independent.

With poverty, corruption;
Through strikes, disruption.
We make our country glow,
In dirty shades of yellow.
No doubt, we are independent.

Drowning in debts of billions,
And breeding at the same in millions.
Catastrophes we cannot deal,
But four brave lions adorn our seal.
Bravely yes, we are independent.

In fake optimisim we bask,
Adjusted realism is our mask.
Why don't we hoist ourselves up?
Like the flag, that flutters-
With the world, let's catch up.
Let's be independent.

p.s. - I wrote this for my brother's school assignment. :P

Aslo, posted on my blog. :)

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