August 5, 2010


Hey Family,

Have not been around for a long time. I see a lot of new members who have joined us and it's good to know that our lil baby TWL is doing extremely well. Well, a big hug to all new members from my side. I am one of the founding members of this lounge, along with Asbah Alaena & Stephen. We wanted this space to be a melting pot of cultures and a treasure trove of creative musings, and with your help have achieved much more than that. Though Asbah & Ste are not around as much as they used to be here, I welcome you all on their behalf as well. It will be great if all of you could introduce yourself in the comments section here. I would love to know more about you all. Keep up the good work you all are doing on TWL. Cheers! :-)

Is anyone from the old gang @TWL still here? *Shouts out to them*

Sandeep Balan


  1. hehehehe i visit sometimes :P
    hows the mr big b :D

  2. oye mysterious good good...hwz u? whats up yar?? will call u up sometime! long time..phew :P

  3. how do i write in this blog? is mine. let me know if i can write in this and then how i could do that

    thanks in advance

  4. Hi ! :) Not a newbie , been here for quite sometime yet have hardly seen old members here :)Good to see you guys ! :)

    Bdw , this is adg - adreamygal here :)


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