August 14, 2010

Bad things that can happen to you..!

You sneeze more than 3 times in a row.
You figure out that you have more hair on your butt than on your head
You put on your pants and realize they are too tight in the thighs.
You are slightly annoyed but have no idea why.
You realize that knuckles look very odd.
You flip the channels one to many times and have to go back
Being really thirsty and taking a big gulp of your Sprite only to discover that the syrup is out and you have a big nasty cup of carbonated water
Drop your books in the hall
You experience DejaVu
You sneeze while having food in your mouth
the soap breaks
Someone e-mails you a chain-letter
You get caught picking your nose.
One nipple gets hard and pokes you shirt all day but the other one stays normal
You pet the nice doggy, then smell your hand.
Waking up on Valentines Day to the sound of sex through the walls, and you're all alone.
You get the Macarena song stuck in your head
A bird craps on you
You forget to put on a bra & go to work
Some random person squeezes your arse lovingly in a crowd.
Your alarm clock doesn't go off.
You wake up 5 minutes before your alarm clock goes off
The alarm clock did go off
You fail to silence a fart in public.
You lose only one contact lens and didn't bring glasses
You burn your dinner
You realize your fly is open, in public, two hours after going to the bathroom
Your backpack makes the back of your dress ride up exposing your ass
You have to walk in to a REALLY stinky bathroom to wash your hands only to leave and find a long queue outside who are now convinced that you made the stink.
Stuck in a boring conversation
You get someone elses laundry mixed up with your own - its their underwear - and there are skid marks.
A bird poops on your windshield


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