August 1, 2010

5 hard ways to leave

Out the window,
one boot on,
your pants unbuttoned,
your hand in one boot.
Lucky is the stinking metal
of a dumpster banging against your ass.

Through the door,
leave nothing behind.
Nod to her boyfriend,
surrender his girlfriend.
Penance is cold after-hours
when buses don’t run
and your cell-phone is dead.

Up the stairs,
perfume and smoke.
Your hands in leather gloves,
your heart out on her street.
Murder is a humid conversation
in a bright room
with your stone mind.

In the car,
turn down the stereo,
turn off the ignition,
open the door, “Get out.”
Justice is crawling through bushes
for keys she threw
farther than she was thrown.

But the hardest
will be with you.
We haven’t met.
I’m sorry I’ll be mean.

Leaving is appraising
all you’ve stored up,
then choosing which to save
from your slowly burning room.



  1. now this is good...but i didnt exactly it good bye or running away or letting go???

  2. freelancer: thsnks! to answer your question, they're different situations with different girls, but they're all examples of me leaving.

  3. Variety adds spice to life..!! Would it be appropraite to say that..?:P


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