July 9, 2010


Endless misery.
Tranquility lost.
Burdened by the thoughts of luxury.
It haunts.
Haunts and scares.

But some run the scare house.
They run the misery factory across the borders.
Fascist nations setting new order.
Fight a war to prove to them,
That you are stronger,
That you can survive.

You can learn better,
In a refugee camp, than in a school.
You can rise,
If you got metals shoes.

They'll hurt and punch and kill you.
Till you are dead. Dead inside.
And they'll tell you that it was all for you.
Squeeze the last drop from your eyes.

The next best excuse.
Printed in grey all over the news.
You don't know the names that fight for you.
Neither do they know you.

Stones and sticks make for bread and butter.
Thoughts are hidden. They cant be uttered.
The machines make you go back to sleep.
Till one day,
You become your own nightmare.
Force you to open a disease shop.
And fake factories that scare.

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