July 23, 2010

Please don't call me jerk

"I am going,you always make fun of me and call me a jerk" He said. turned back and began walking. He looked innocent and cute, nagging.
"I shall never let you go in the first place...I am sorry, din't mean to hurt you", she replied,came running and gave him a hug.
"can I ever leave you,ask urself...? I was kidding" he smiled.
"Can't you stay quite for one moment u jerk..." she whispered as her eyes were close and she has holding him tight, their arms wrapped around.
"I am going.... I hate you... you said you wont call me a jerk again", he started to take his arms off her.
"I shall never let you go...my jerk", she held him tighter.


  1. a long lasting return at TWL , feels good... I am taking baby steps back!
    tried writing a 55 fiction...but word length was exceeded so kept it under tag short story!

  2. That was really a sweet story Pulkit :) Have read some of your works , and they are beautiful .. Good to see you back :)


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