June 26, 2010

Working out..!

Why is it that we ‘re so concerned about fitness, but never actually do anything about it? Why do we swoon over a toned washboard abs of men and woman with an hour glass figure ? Why does the whole crowd cheer everytime our very own Sallu Bhai takes off his shirt? Why do we oogle at some skinny model in the calender dressed in the “next best thing to being naked” bikinis? Maybe you can call it respective gender hormones or some wishful thinking of looking like one of them..

This has happened to me…I have been obsessed about a body like a swimsuit model just to dream myself fitting into those LBD’s celebrities seem to carry off on some Red carpet event. Yes I have longed for guys with wash board abs and sweated over Hrithik ‘off-his-T-shirt’ Roshan and Daniel Craig in those sexy blue swimming trunks with broad shoulder and bulging cheek bones walking out of a serene beach. Yes I totally agree with the fact that A good body = good personality..!

So what does one do? Work out..? Jog every morning? Hit the gym? Take kreatin and protein shakes to bulk up? Go on a diet? Yoga?, Kick boxing? Aerobics? Some sort of outdoorsy sports? Or money quencher surgeries and “massage centers’’?

Hell, I considered my options and did what best I could do with my budget and in the view of keeping myself “fit”, I joined a gym..!
And hated it…

So whoever invented the system for lifting heavy stuff and running around and still shell out money and lose extra Kilos? Guess you have got to be on some losing spree..! What a rip off..! The answer goes back to ancient Greek.,where the word gymnasium means “to get naked”. A place designated to educate young men on physical education and sports all naked..! Wish I could go back in time and satiate my voyeuristic appeal of those young Greek god like men sweating it out..! Yeah..!
So back to the story...
I joined a gym and hated yeah?? Well..I can account a lot of reasons as to why I hated it..

#1 : Maybe I am lazy..!
#2 : Maybe I was looking for something less cumbersome.
#3 : Maybe I was looking for something more adventurous.
#4 : Maybe I lacked determination and got bored eventually.

And somehow I give maximum percentage to the last two reason…
The fact is you have got to keep your motivations running at a peak all the time till the end or maybe forever, to successfully say “I work out”, proudly. But that wasn’t the case with me at all.
I was always an irregular person when it came to donning your Reebok shoes and wearing on spandex leggings and running around and keeping a tab of your calorie counts on the console. And plus my gym experience was absolutely dispiriting. The reasons? Well I had woman in their late 20’s or mid 30’s up for working out all the time. And trust me they were no beauties, working out to maintain their godly figure. They were all fat, cellulite loaded chunks of mass balancing on that stretcher and going tipsy on the gym ball.

And I am a healthy individual who gives of the impression that I eat my feelings. And being around with such ‘Cellulite loaded chucks of mass’ wasn’t doing me any good. Because comparatively I loved my body,loved my stomach, loved my butt and loved my legs.. I always ended up thinking “ Atleast I am not like that” watching that ‘Cellulite loaded chunks of mass’ jogging on the treadmills with all her drawers going bounce, bounce, bounce…

So bingo!, I hit my all time low. Happy with my hip to waist ratio I take a shower and put on my 32 inch waist jeans ( Thank god!) and ‘medium’ sized t-shirt ( Thanks Jockey)and head home with some feel-good hormones in my system…Probably the only worth thing I acquired. Maybe I should have more attractive and well toned figures working out in my gym. Atleast it would up my jealousy levels and I would hit the treadmill with a vengeance on 12/13 km per hour..! But sadly that didn’t happen with me. And the worst part of all, there weren’t any hot good looking men I could admire and hit on,.for the time schedule I planned was in the evening.

Again I had moushy men with big round bellies working their seemingly absent abs on the floor. Worst deal ever..!!
So then I just gave up and thanked god again for my ever consuming healthy appetite I seem to have which doesn’t let me gain weight by merely breathing air. So Here I am just eating away a Caramel filled chocolate bar and writing this to you.

Lifes good..! :)
And to hell with the gyms and fitness center…


  1. hey it was real nic..every word was tu..but since last year i left that chocolate habit n have been working ou...n must say am feeling great....so y dont u shirk shirking working out..n attain a 28 or even less n then enjoy beaches of goa or even malaysia....

  2. this is great stuff! Honest and charmingly funny!

  3. Hey there,

    1)What were your goals when you joined the gym?
    2)did you have an induction?
    3)what type of advise did you get from your instructor(s), if any...

    You look like the typical i-went-to-gym-and-nothing-happened person :)

    Your reasons 2, 3, and 4 are spot on... But the method of training you adopted - not so sure, it was for you... Read my blog @ http://caffeineateme.blogspot.com

    If you want more clarity, mail me!

    Cheers,IM !

  4. @ ironmonkey...
    Umm..I wasnt looking for any kinda analysing on this. I just discovered I am not a gym person. I am too stuck on variety and gym got mundane after a while
    I went thru a physiotherapy session and was assigned a set of excercises which were mostly cardio. I didnt need any "specific area" workout like tummy or anything. Over all weight reduction did do it for me.

    No deal..! I am too happy to go to gym and lull around. :)

  5. Nothing like feeling good in your own skin, Cheers !


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