June 25, 2010

The Magic Word

Do you still remember the day you walked into my life, a complete stranger?

I do, 'cause that was the day you changed almost everything.

Is it just me, or are you really walking away?
And are you trying to change things back to the way they used to be?
I want you to know, it won't be possible.

Our moms used to always tell us to say please if we want to ask a favour from anyone.
It's the magic word, they say.
And I want to believe in that.

Don't give me the cold hard stare, please.
Look at me, talk to me, please.
Tell me we'll be okay, please.
Convince me it's just a silly joke I can "haha" off later, please.

Just don't leave me, please.

'Cause you grew to mean so much more than just a friend..

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  1. Straight from the heart and heart-breakingly poignant. I hope things work out right for you.

  2. It beautiful. Touching.
    I wish.. if please works out. I would be chanting it.
    I really wish. :(

    Anyways..I Loved It :)


  3. ouch....dats heart breaking.
    dont worry baby..evrythng wud b fyn and back to normal happy days..god blesss you..

  4. Ah..!
    So beautiful..!! I have been in this phase and trust me you look for anything at that point to survive this..

  5. Actually, he's migrating next year. So he pushed me out of his world and shut the door. It's his way of 'protecting' me from being hurt when he leaves and never comes back.
    He's stubborn, I can't get him to talk even. I'm losing him, bit by bit, day by day.
    Seriously, it hurts.

    But thank you for the support, the feedback on this post, everything. :)

  6. I can relate to this too because i have been through it .. But u must not lose hope because at the end of it if he really cares he will listen to your "please" and if he doesnt then he wasnt meant to be.. When others used to say this to me I used to feel its easy to comment so I really do understand it.. BUt the PLEASE worked for me and he is back with me.. so dont lose hope sweetheart


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