June 30, 2010

A Love Letter-2

Dear Heart,

I know you're hurting right now, I feel it too. I'm very sorry I can't do anything much to stop the pain.
Will you ever forgive me for this? I promised I'll protect you, but now I can't...

Next time, follow the rules, listen to the Mind. The Mind thinks, you only feel.
Emotions, feelings, they always break us in such a way no other thing can.
There will not be a visible wound, but those cuts can go so deep inside.
Don't make any more mistakes, you can't turn back time and do a correction.
Don't expose yourself to so much risk, you don't want to break again, trust me.
Play on the safe side, Heart.

Keep the doors locked at all times, don't just leave it wide open for anyone to walk in and out so freely.
Those who love you, they will find a way to walk into your world, even without doors.
And these people will be the ones to be there for you all the time, whenever, wherever.
Treasure these people, be contented to have them.
Don't go around getting into trouble, you'll worry them, you'll hurt them.

Ouchies pass. Just sooner or later.
While you wait for things to go back to normal, stay strong.
You've got to move on, Heart. For me, for us.

I love you,

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  1. Dear Nic,

    This Love Letter is a must of for every heart! Nicely written :)


    The TurbulentMind


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