May 24, 2010

A Love Letter

Everything seems so wrong nowadays, I think I'm missing me.

Dearest Me,

Hey! How's life for you these days? Like, how are you? For me, life sucks 'cause I don't get to see you anymore, unless I look in a mirror. And looking into a mirror is weird when your eyes gimme that kind of... distant look, like you're so empty inside. Are you okay? I'm worried.

Anyways, you've been through this before. And you managed to fight things off, didn't you? You always stayed strong. It'll be just the same this time, trust me. Everyone has mood swings once in a while, or maybe more often that that. People can get really bitchy sometimes when they're feeling lousy and low. But you've always made me proud, dear. You always do magic with that precious smile of yours. Promise me you'll never lose it, kays? It's just too beautiful.

I want you to know, whenever, wherever you are, you need me, I'll be there. If you wanna talk, I've got ears, I'll listen. If you want a hug, or a pat, just ask, I've got plenty to share. And my shoulder's available 24/7. Specially for you.

You may feel out of place sometimes, maybe you think you don't blend in well with your friends anymore. But hey! It's just your imagination running wild, dear... You may feel you see things differently from most people. But it's not a sin, it's just 'cause you're special. You deserve to be loved, and you're pretty. One the outside, and also inside, where it matters most.

Always remember this. No matter how far apart we may grow to become, no matter how much there is about each other that we can't understand, no matter how hard it is to believe, always remember, I love you. And I always will. No matter what.

You're changing, dear... And I suppose it's part of growing up. Don't be afraid, the Lord is with you.

Keep in touch, kays? I missed you.


p/s Don't stay up too late at night, it's not good for you. =)


  1. Nic , that was really well written ..A truly self-motivational piece :)

  2. I loved it. Its beautifully written. The kind of Inspiration I was looking for today!

  3. so beautiful indeed ur blog

  4. @ All;
    You all made my day.. =) Thanks!
    Actually, I was supposed to be studying when I got pissed at me for not being able to understand and remember things I learnt. So I wrote a letter to me. :D

  5. I liked your view about your self


  6. Your blog was a treat ... Keep writing.. wishes..


  7. Thank you. :)
    Ritz, I will. You too. <3


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