May 3, 2010

tea with little u

I wish I knew little u
to be sitting at the table
stuffed bears all around
tea in my cup
all oxygen no hydrogen
and little u, with your pigtails
playing hostess to your playthings
much like U do now
to me, your frequent guest

But U have learned how to
hurt the ones that aren’t stuffed
with fluff
U smile in your party dress
dancing around the room
with one eye to the corner where
i sit waiting and wishing
For U to leave all the gentlemen to their conversations

And though I no longer want to attend to U
I’d be happy
in dull bliss
as a plaything for little u


  1. Why do we forget the ones who once,
    meant a whole little world for us.

    Those little friends who were inanimate, yet animate,
    who acted for our hearts delight.

    True, if they had a heart, they would want back that little U.


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