May 3, 2010

my secret

Victoria took Pilates
in the room across from the bench press
I sneaked glances as often as I could
of her bending and stretching
her body, youthful and wet
had me desiring
breathing heavy, licking my lips
my heart beating fast
behind my burning pecs.
I watched her
like forbidden fruit
I wished to taste her
drink the sweat sweetly dripping from
her chest onto her stomach and down
the slender legs that didn’t know
could walk all over me willing and open
to all types of pleasure.
She was my fantasy
exotic, exciting, and erotic
in my innocence I was blind
to her age, her experience
her knowledge of how to enslave
the young and restless spirits
that wait in lines outside her temple,
all ready to rip their hearts out in worship
and die in ecstasy for her
the goddess out of man’s reach

and she had been out of my reach
until last night
and I feel dirty.


  1. =) That last line was a teller!
    Not bad.
    But I'm going to be picky and correct you- its blind TO her age, not of her age.

    Keep writing. (:


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