May 7, 2010

Love You Mom

In the darkness of your womb
I was safe though I was numb

Came to the world naked & crying
I know with pain you were dying

Still you kept the smile on your face
Because I was fine with God's grace

The moment you held me first time
I was relieved and stopped crying

The first things I did were special to you
First smile or word uttered or a walk too

The nick names you gave me I still remember
Though with some of them I didn't resemble

Whenever I got sick you didn't sleep
I know you care with your heart deep

Sometimes I made you angry and fought
But each time I got a lesson taught

Your blessings are all what I treasure
You don't even show off your gesture

I pray to God that on my part I never cheat
And bring all the happiness under your feet

I love you so very much my Mom
Without you, our house is not home

Truly said that God can't be everywhere
So He sent the mother to take care



  1. @ the solitary writer: thanx a lot. but it is not a starter bro :-)

    @ gautam: thanx a lot bro.

  2. @ solitary: nope, my first post here is 'The Best Friend', Scroll down :-)


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