May 1, 2010

Pangs of turning 20..!

#1 : You are not a "Teen" anymore.

#2 : You had a lot of fun being a teenager, and somehow you still feel you have not had enough.

#3 : You havent had as many as flings you thought you did have when you were a teenager.

#4 : No, you didnt pursue photography as your sole passion in your life. Survival tactics came as a major blockade.

#5 : You have to get rid of your funky piercing and goatee you flaunted back then.

#6 : You are not supposed to have erratic emotional behavior as this is solely a trait of a teenager and mentally retarded.

#7 : Your hormones dont go over-drive anymore.

#8 : You dont have much of pimple problem to complain about.

#9 : You 're shocked to discover that you 're still a virgin.

#10 : You dont call your pocket money as 'pocket money' anymore. "Allowance" seems fancy!

#11 : You always have that nagging suspicion that your "plan for next 10 years" if going to fall apart.

#12 : You 're expected to act mature when you dont want to.

#13 : Whatever happened to those times when you were so concerned about your growing chests and penises than your mind.

#14 : You 're more Organised.

#15 : Your music, movies or porn collection gets replaced by 'Project slides and pdf's'.

#16 : Your spend half your free weekend asleep as you claim to be tired all the time.

#17 : You 're demoralized as its time to find The ONE and not just a Hottie from the pub.

#18 : You dont gift your friends cards that say "friends forever".

#19 : You watch the movie 3 Idiots and dont say "Hey, Thats us..!". Instead you say " Hey, that WAS us.."

#20 : Ripped faded jeans dont suit you anymore.And also dont fit you anymore.
And finally.. When the word FUN gets replaced by MBA And EMI.

Self compiled.


  1. I turned 20 last month and though a lot of this doesn't quite apply to me, #4 - I'm keeping my goatee (I'm still a grad student!), 3,9,14,15(not replaced, added) and 19.
    Apart from these, well said, Rashmi.
    I wish I was 19 again, or maybe 18.
    It was so much more fun.

  2. i agree with D2, some of these things i actually have more of(except for the pimples, those are gone). But i love 6(and how fun it is to break that rule),13(the size of your head affects the size of your head(ego)),17 (still hard sometimes to separate the two!)

  3. There is something called free will that still prevails in these times. So, I guess, its all up to me what I want and what not.

    So strike out all things you dislike and add everything you like.
    Go ahead and live.

  4. haha...u can still be 20 and do a loy of these things...not all mind you!


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