April 13, 2010

Your Smell

I love the way I smell of you when I'm on my way back. The metro is almost empty at this time of night and the few people there seem to be lost in their own thoughts; slowly moving, almost dancing with the train as it moves on the rail. The air outside is warm; it's cool in here. I'm smelling my hands, my shoulders. I smell of you.

A smile on my face seems to bother a girl sitting in front of me. 'No lady, I'm not hitting on you. I'm just lost in my thoughts. I'm missing someone I saw just fourteen minutes ago. Why don't you let me smile and miss her? Why don't you find something or someone to think about as well and get lost in your thoughts like everyone else?'

I walked the rest of the way home and took a shower. Then I closed my eyes and I could still smell you in my head and I smiled. I wanted to meet you again. But then you call me up and say things I don't want to hear. When will you understand that I cannot give you those things? I'm not like that. Suddenly your smell becomes too much to bear and I can't breathe. I'm choking, I'll die.

Then I leave you, I put the phone down and I walk away. You blame me and I blame you back. We try to get back again and I try to get used to your smell again. I can't. And soon, I find a new smell and I start loving that smell like I loved yours once.

I'm sitting alone waiting for my train, smiling.

I'm walking home alone, smiling.

It's been so many years since you, your smell. There have been so many smells now and today, I can't smell anymore. Maybe I shouldn't have let your smell go. Today I don't even remember how you smelled like.

- The Lover @ SoulIntoxicated


  1. dat was really painful !! very beautifuy written ...presented in a differnt way , wher unlike usual love posts , all painful emotions are put in differently same manner :)

  2. kitna smell karoge :P doggy ho kya ...no offence meant..but seriously monotonous postings from u :)


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