March 17, 2010

WL Meet


I address this post, esp. to the Bangalore members of The Writers' Lounge. It has been ages since we had a meet-up and I've been unable to make it to the last two meets properly. What say we meet up again in the first weekend of April? I know very few WL members of Bangalore so this goes to Tan, RJ, Hashan, Vasu, Abhri, Sonu and Meenzie firstly... I donno any other WL Bangalore members, please put up ur hands if any I've missed... sorry! Any other city members coming to Bangalore on that weekend are also welcome to join us! :)

Waiting to hear from you all!



  1. IA. most probably I will be there in the last week of march,

  2. first thing that came to my mind after seeing above comment...

    dead angel is coming to bangalore on last week of march :P :P sounds funny

  3. Dnt be afraid dude, M being live now!!! waqt sab kuch sikha deta he.

  4. Sounds real fun! But Bangalore is sooo far away... =/

  5. It has to be fun - last time, it was!

    And Vinay, you missed out on that name, even after reminding you!!!!!!!

    Anyways, I am happy to see one thing - You still remember RJ? That was awesome, 'Arkun' will feel good :)

    Looking forward :)

  6. Hey Leo! How can you forget Saras from Bangalore. I have returned from my Holidays in USA on 25th Jan 2010 and am in Bangalore.Looking forward to meet the real one! (Vinay)

  7. :( always a meet in bangalore.. when am i supposed to meet u guys.. come here nah.. soon.. me and rosh would love to meet u all.. especially dearest vinay and the talented tan.. and my lil bro stibu..


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